Rage Against the Machine Reviews

Rage in Worcester, Nov. 30th

this is it the night i have been waiting for seemingly forever and as we arrived at the centrum it was crazyness all these cops were protesting outside and there were kids lined up at the door eager to get in well me and my friend brian got it finally after the inspection at the door  and we went to where the tee shirts were i saw a few i liked so i decided to look at a few well anyways the lady there was getting mad cause i made her pull down like 4 shirts and shes like well are you going to buy one or not and so i did the one wit the album on the front and tour dates on the back so we went in eager to see what our seats  were and to our surprise our seats were really good to the left of the stage rite above the pit so anyways it was about 7:10 and we decided to go get another shirt so we went out and i got the rage shirt with no faces on it and brian got the album one and the no faces one also so anyways we were getting ready for at the drive in and they came on all hyped and started playing i sware i could not understand one word the lead singer was saying well they played for about 30 minutes and about 5 songs ill be honest they were not orginal at all but wernt bad for an opening act well thye got off and about 20 minutes later gang starr came on and man DID THEY SUCK!!!! i could not stand them and neither could about 300 other people that were in the hallway cause they couldnt take them  so i left after about 5 minutes of them cause they were soo bad and anyways they sucked and now they were on for about an hour and finally got off and rage was going to come on and so im sittin there waiting and all of a sudden about 500 people come rushing threw the aile and slammed threw the secruity guards and they started stacking up about 8 secruity guards per entrance and finally they gave up cause they were getting killed and they started throwing people in and this one guy jumped off the platform into the pit i was shokced so we were waiting for rage and this wicked hot girl flashed everybody and i had my binocculars and could see those babys perfect and so rage hits the stage with there usall this is rage against the machine from los angles cali. they rocked it with testify which was great and they played a good hour and a half set with about 15 songs of course "KNOW YOUR ENEMY" was the best song after the show me and brian figured we would go get something to drink and we are waiting and waiting and finally we are about to get our drinks and this one guy walks off without paying for his drink and of course we get screwed cause they shut down the stand and some guy goes this aint F****in woodstock and he took a cup reached over pressed the fill button on the pepsi machine and filled his cup up that was it for that awsome NIGHT RAGE ROCKS


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