Rage Against the Machine Reviews

Rage Against the Machine
The Worcester Centrum
November 30, 1999

Instead of rattling on about my experience at the show and how great it was, I thought I would put together some interesting tidbits that I observed tuesday night.  Sitting behind the stage is what enabled me to see some of these things.

  • Brad was wearing a hat that had a feather attached to a circular piece of paper around his head,  which looked like something you might make in first grade.
  • Between almost every song Zach would turn around and spray some kind of product in his mouth,  maybe due to the fact that he smokes American Spirits now.  I also saw Tim use this product a  few times.  It looked like those things people use for bad breath, sorry I don't know the name.
  • Tim fucked up on the intro to Calm Like A Bomb, and simply made a small grunt and started  it over.  Zach was laughing in the background.
  • During Bullet in the Head, when they reached the quiet bass and drums part, the crowd started  saying "bullet in the head" over and over again.  Zach just let us say that for a while and then  as the crowd continued he went into the "Standing in line..." part.  Everything just fit together.  I had never heard anyone do that on any bootleg before.
  • During Born of a Broken Man, Zach took his mike stand and placed it right next to Brad's ride  symble, facing behind the stage, and just held it the whole time while screaming his balls off.
  • Zach did the Maynard part in Know Your Enemy.
  • Before playing Bulls On Parade, Tom did those chords that he usually plays before Freedom,  like he did at Woodstock.  Zach also kept yelling out "Check out my DJ ya'll" during the solo.
  • Before playing Freedom, Brad busted this phat drum beat that Tom started doing weird wammy/  delay noises to that I have never heard him do before.  Tim then came along with the bass and  Zach made a long speech.  The parts I remember were:  "Before the show we saw some police  officers standing outside the venue with signs that said 'Rage Against The Machine supports cop  killers.'"  He then went on about this and gave his thoughts on the topic.  I also remember him  saying:  "They're afraid of you getting involved...Please check out our stands after the show...  This song is for Mumia."  Freedom then followed.  The whole "jam/speech" was about four  minutes long.
  • Setlist:  Testify, Guerilla Radio, People of the Sun, Calm Like a Bomb, Bullet in the Head, Sleep Now in  the Fire, Born of a Broken Man, The Ghoast of Tom Joad, No Shelter, Know Your Enemy, Bulls  On Parade, Jam Session, Freedom, Killing in the Name.
  • I think the banner said "The Battle of Boston" instead of Worcester

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