Rage Against the Machine Reviews

Rage in Toronto, 11/29

well, we thought we were going to be late, me, my buddy brett and his girlfriend, we came in and saw the semi enthusiastic crowd who was jumping to gangstarr, before it was a hard metal band, that i hardly saw because we were trying to find our seats.

there were actually a variety of rage fans, from neon colored freaks, to yer average punks, to even goths dressed all in black and dreadlocked hippies. I thought it was great Rage had a large variety of fans.  After we realized we were late for the infamous "floor rush", where people were actually laying on the ground and trampled over, we took one of the good seats very near the stage. we had a side view.  Zach came on and said something like "we are rage against the machine from los angeles", and they started with testify. now the crowd was really good, in the seats everyone was pretty active and the pit was pretty cool, but as the concert progressed, everyone got even more violently active. Then came "guerrilla radio", and then some songs off of their first album, like bombtrack and freedom.  Born of a Broken Man, a beautiful, melancholy and hard ass rock song , was amazing live, and then came my personal favorite and now my all time favorite rage song: "War within a breath", amazing, i was going crazy, as was my friend and his girlfriend.  The encore was even more intense, bulls on parade was the best song of the night, with people in the first and second rows of seats actually moshing, and jumping and pushing each other, don't ask me how, but they were, you have to move to a rage show! Zach, during some songs sounded really pissed when he sand some of the songs, he was really filled with rage, and it showed that Rage against the machine is a much more talented band than any other rap core crap from the likes of korn or limp bizkit.  Tom was amazing and everytime he had a solo, the crowd cheered even more, Brad and Tim were also amazing.  The concert ended with Killing in the name, where all the lights went on and i really saw how brutal the pit was, it was disgusting, i would have gotten killed in there, yet i still wanted to go.like before when the fans were totally hyped for the show screaming, now they were screaming and had invaded the city of toronto, i had to rush home for school the next day, it was already officially tuesday morning, 3 am!

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