Rage Against the Machine Reviews

Rage in Toronto, Nov. 29th

Well obviously it seriously kicked ass.  Opening act Gang Starr were entertaining but I'm not a big rap fan but they were fun to watch nonetheless.  They got everyone pumped and yelling for RATM.  The second Rage walked on the stage the electricity in the buliding went up tremendously.  Zack simply stated the band name and that they were from Los Angeles and then they ripped into Testify.  Every fucking kid in the place were moshing and jumping and yelling along to the lyrics.  They then moved into Guerrilla Radio which was one of the most energy-filled songs of the night.  Next up was People of the Sun followed by Calm Like A Bomb. Afterwards I can't remember the exact order as I was drenched in sweat from the constant jumping and moshing.  No other band comes even close to the live energy Rage possesses on stage.  Other songs in the main set were: Sleep Now In The Fire, Born Of A Broken Man, War Within A Breath, The Ghost of Tom Joad, No Shelter, Know Your Enenmy and Bullet In The Head.  The unbelievable encore was Bulls On Parade, Freedom and Killing In The Name the latter of which had everyone with middle fingers in the air chanting along to "fuck you I won't do what you tell me." The house lights went on for that part and the building seemed to be bursting at the foundation. Without a doubt the best concert Toronto has witnessed in a long time.  I would have liked to hear them play Mic Check, Vietnow, Down Rodeo, Tire Me,Darkness or New Millenium Homes but it's not Rage's fault that all of their songs kick ass.  Hell they could have played every single song in their catalougue for all I cared.  One can only wish.

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