Rage Against the Machine Reviews

RATM at Hultsfred Festival, Sweden - 6/17/00

ok ill try to put it all together now. this were the third time for rage in sweden and the second time on the hultsfred festival(first -97), and it were my first. expectataion were high, people were screaming and clapping hands waiting for rage to come out.

but first i have to coment the band who played before our boys, "LOK", sort of like an swedish answer on ratm, but without the politics, good song and music. it was so pathetic having them to open for rage.

anyways, when rage took the stage it were obvious which band kicked as on this festival (among other good ones: deftones, kittie, primal scream...). they started playing without the "good evening..." with a song ive never heard they played before but later were explainde to be "mc5s kickout the jams". after that i dont remeber much in witch order the songs came in, but it were rather like the greek consert but without "bombtrack". they stoped after 11 acts to later come out to play "war within a breath" (my favourite), one i dont remember(maybye b.o.p.) and "killing in the name of" those where the last. brad then threw out his drummsticks and the fisrt one was 5 meter away from me, thet he threw the other and i actually reach out and got it :)

strange thing occured to me, zack were not the angry one this day, timmy were the mad boy, he litterally floated on adrenaline, headbanging, screaming and hitting his bass. tom, the happy one, laughed at the totally crazy crowd, and it were rather crazy standing there in the middle of a sea of crazy people jumping around. it must have been around 20.000 people there that evening and i hope they all enjoyed it as much as i did.

1. Kick out the jams (MC5 cover)
2. Bulls on parade
3. Testify
4. Guerilla Radio
5. Bullet in the head
6. Calm like a bomb
7. The ghost of Tom Joad
8. Born of a broken man
9. People of the sun
10. Know your enemy
11. Sleep now in the fire
12. Freedom
-encore break-
13. War within a breath
14. Killing in the name

Carl Wistedt

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