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The Battle Of Spain 13/14/15 de Febrero del 2000.

I've made 3000 Kms to following around RATM all over Spain just to see their 3 concerts, and I would make 9000 Kms more to see them 9 times again... as Mary Morello, they are THE BEST FUCKIN BAND IN THE UNIVERSE!!!.

13/FEB/00 22:00.THE BATTLE OF DONOSTI. A party from the beginning to the end. People jumping from even with JAM who nobody know what was it about. There wasn't a second of being relaxed. At the end of the show I went he stage and I got this setlist I post you.


14/FEB/00 22:00. THE BATTLE OF MADRID. The more intense concert I've ever attended, people were like vicious dogs just to see them after 3 long years, even with the band Asian Dub Foundation you could see people flying over the heads, when Zack came to the stage and said "Good evening we're RATM from LA California" WAR WITHIN A BREATH is Jump or Death, you had to struggle hard to stay stand in the first rows. Without scorning any of the songs of a very well selected setlist (The same as San Sebastian except JAM), Guerrilla, People, Bullet (the end is something that any live music lover should live), Sleep Now (incredible sound), Broken Man (amazing), Enemy (my favourite, even the guys of the bar jump, Bulls, Freedom (where RATM feel probably with more RAGE), Killing (no comment), are really bombs in live. At then the of the concert my two guerrilla mates, Luis y Javi, went to take pictures with Tom 'Morello is God'.

15/FEB/00 22:00. THE BATTLE OF BARCELONA. The audience was more cold. It was sold out but people went to see a band they've heard were wild in their concerts, but they were not anxious to see them like in Madrid. The sound was great even better then San Sebastian, with the same set list. As the end of party I got a backstage pass: 20 minutes waiting and Tom came to greet us, giving us his autograph, and take pictures. A very kind guy, who was there answering our questions for more than 1 hour... Then Y .Tim K came out, very kind too, talking us about his tattoos and the changing of this name... Then Brad Wilk, not very funny but kind as the other members. Zack had gone away like 1 hour age. So went to the door with the whole band, it was the coolest thing of my RATM tour.

I just wanted you to know that the image created of RATM is not marketing, they have commitments with the social problems, etc... despite all the people that feel uncomfortable with RATM. They just have to know that a big pain is groin in their asses (8 million records sold before 'The Battle of LA', that was double platinum at the end of 1999).

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