Rage Against the Machine Reviews

Concert Review for Rage Against The Machine
Sacremento, CA

Rage Against the Machine has once again proved to be the consummate professionals in everything that they do.  This wasn't just a simple concert, it was its own mini-revolution happening in Sacramento, California.  Stands were placed out in the halls of Arco Arena urging people to sign up and consider the many movements are organizations that Rage supports.  Not only were we exposed to the logical and diverse political views of the band out in the halls, but inside we were blessed with a heavenly concert with the band ripping through hits like "Testify," "Bombtrack," "People of the Sun," "Born of a Broken Man" and the list could go on and on.  Rage is one of the very reasons why rock is still such a dear thing to many of us in this country.  Clearly, it is taking a different turn lately, with more bands singing about very real and dramatic events, instead of the monotonous songs about why the songwriter's life sucks after only doing it for the nookie.  We have Rage to thank for this revitalization of good rock and for the politics that they preach.  And the Sacramento show was just a small slice of the brilliance that is Rage.  Whether you like it or not, Rage Against the Machine is here to stay and here to make you think.  The rest is up to you.  Thank you Tim, Brad, Zack, and especially Tom for such an incredible show.

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