Rage Against the Machine Reviews

Just some interesting things about the show in Rotterdam 01-02-2000.

When the show opened, there was a very big picture of the front cover of the CD at the back of the stage (I think about 100 square meters at least), which said: "The battle of Rotterdam". I've got no idea if the previous shows in the US had the same or if this is a typical for the European tour, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

They also played a different version of "Roll right"! After "No Shelter", Tom started to play a sequence from the song, without distortion and the crowd stated clapping. Then Brad and Tim joined in and Zack started to sing the first part of the song. I'm not quite sure, but I think it wasn't planned, it was pure improvisation, because the second part of the lyrics weren't sung by Zack. Maybe someone else will tell you the same story, I'm not sure. But again, I think it is worth mentioning.


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