Rage Against the Machine Reviews

Rage at Roseland Ballroom, October 2nd
By J.

I've seen PE a few times, & this was my 10th time seeing Rage.  Although they're my favorite band I'll be honest & admit their performance today was less than stellar...Good but not up to Rage's usual level.  PE were The shit!..they gave a more heartleft performance than Rage did.  Chuck & company went all out to put on a good show since this was the beggining of their world tour, while Rage seemed to just go thru the songs & gave the shortest set I have ever seen them play.  The first song to me sounded like the regular "Maria" from that live MP3 going around; not the "Testify/Maria" hybrid.  Guess remains to be seen which song will be which on the album.  As always "Calm Like a Bomb" was awesome, & "Guerrilla Radio" sounds better live than on MP3.  Maybe I seen them too many times now, but to me the best songs were the new ones; "Born of a Broken Man" still sounds great live.  I was expecting a lot of new songs but dissapointingly; "Sleep Now in the Fire" was the only new song I'd never heard before today.  "SNITF" is a bit different, the begining sounds almost like an 80s-metal song.  Again; Public Enemy was great.  They seemed to run out of time which didn't make sense since Rage played short...and they didn't collaborate on stage either.  Still, It was a regular good Rage show & PE saved the day.

PE: (The ones I remember)
Prophets of Rage
Public Enemy No.1 
Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos
911 Is A Joke
He Got Game
BY the Time I Get to Arizona (snippet)
Here I Go
Give it Up (snippet)
Rebel Without a Pause
Fight the Power
Shut 'Em Down
(New Flava solo joint)
Welcome to the Terrordome
Bring the Noise
Do You Wanna Go Our Way

1. Maria
2. Guerrilla Radio
3. Bullet in the Head
4. Sleep Now in the Fire
5. Calm Like a Bomb
6. Born of a Broken Man
7. People of the Sun
8. Bulls on Parade
9. Know Your Enemy
10. Killing in the Name
11. Freedom.

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