Rage Against the Machine Reviews

Rage in Phoenix, AZ, 12-16-99

I have been to many many concerts in the last few years, but NONE could compare to this show. It blew me away! Rage Against the Machine is the most unbelievable band.

The crowd roared as they took the stage and Zack did his traditional introducing of the band, "Good Evening, we're Rage Against the Machine from Los Angeles, California." And the show was off starting with Testify. After the third song, something interesting happened. Zach stopped and said something like this...

"Hold up, I'm seeing something happening, and it's been going on all tour long. Thats you assholes that are ripping the clothes of these young ladies. If I see any of you fucking knuckleheads doin that shit, I'm gonna kick you the fuck out of this building. Women have to fear men at work, at the mall, at the stores, and in their homes, and they shouldn't have to fear them here at a Rage Against the Machine concert!"

I thought this was the coolest part of the night, because what other bands, would stop and show and speak out about something that is so true? None! Instead they would be asking for tits. Hats off to Rage, they are really awesome people.

Anyway, they played the rest of their set. Maynard from Tool also lives here in AZ, and he came out for his part in Know Your Enemy, unfortunately his mic wasnt working, but it still kicked ass to see him up there. At the end of that, I launched my flag into the air. After a few more songs They left the stage and came back for the encore. Killing in the Name, was KICK ASS, they lit the lights of the arena for the ending chorus, it was amazing!

I was thinking about driving to LA for their last show tomorrow night, haven't decided yet, but it would be damn well worth it!

Set list:
Guerilla Radio
People of the Sun
Calm LIke a Bomb
Bullet in the Head
Sleep Now in the FIre
Born of a Broken Man
Know Your Enemy
Tom Joad
No Shelter
War Within A Breath

Bulls On Parade
Killing in the Name

I think thats how it went.

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