Rage Against the Machine Reviews

Rage at the Phoenix, 10-6-99

although it was only an hour long, it was a nice little taste of things to come following november 2nd. needless to say, my comrades and i were left hungry for more. wicked venue, wicked crowd, and a wicked band make for a fucking rocking evening. the club atmosphere provided quite an intimate setting. not intimate like seeing merle haggard at a coffee shop, but an intimacy fueled by aggression and intensity, released through angst-driven lyrics, whacked out noises and funky guitar chops, a monstrous bass-groove and a monolithic concrete drumbeat that kept the crowd pumping. yes, rage against the machine proved once again why they are the best rock band in the fucking universe. the new shit sounded better than anything that they have ever done before. songs like maria, calm like a bomb, broken man, and guerilla radio displayed the versatility and talent of this extremely talent band. zack was on fire - jumping, bouncing, screaming - getting right in the crowd's face - typical zack intensity. tim's found some new shit to do with his bass - new effects and riffs made his presence strongly felt. brad's beats were phat and more hip-hop sounding - and he was definitely on tonight. and good old tom - what that lad can do with only 6 strings and a few gadgets. that shit is inhumane. these 4 dudes make a sound much more larger than life, and when it's live in a little club in toronto, it simply does not get any better. the classics sounded just as good as ever - bullet in the head, people of the sun, know your enemy, bulls on parade and killing in the name. i was hoping to hear no shelter and wake up, but when the best band in the world plays right in front of your face like they did at the phoenix last wednesday, you take what they dish out to you. and you won't complain. all i have to say is wait until november 2nd. this is definitely going to be one of the all-time classics. jonesin' alreaedy for the next tour....


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