Rage Against the Machine Reviews

RATM, Philadelphia, Dec. 6th, 1999

Drove 3 1/2 hours to see Rage tonight...unbelievable show.  Rage came onstage around 10 and stood onstage while a woman (presumably one of the leaders of Friends and Family for Mumia) gave a speech regarding the nature of Mumia's case and what she thought of the band (never giving in, never being intimated, and so on).  Rage then proceeded to turn the place upside down.  Set list the same as New York 12/3, but during the encores, we were treated to a "reworking" of Roll Right.  It a groove laid down by ytimk and Brad with Tom adding some of his signature effects over it.  Zack whispered the "Lick off the shot my stories shock you like Ellison..." lyric but never went into the chorus, ending with the same phrase over and over.  Something about a shot, but at this hour my memory fails me.  Then he went into his speech about Mumia during the end of this "jam".  Interesting stuff.  Zack was not talkative, only talking once about Mumia and once about the cops following them around on tour.  I've never seen a crowd more into a show in my life...the whole place was in a collective groove.  The "mightiest band in rock" indeed.

In Solidarity,
Ashish Desai

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