Rage Against the Machine Reviews

RATM, Philadelphia, Dec. 6th, 1999

I seriously believe that Rage is a drug.  That's the only way I could explain it to people who have never been to a show.  This was my second show (the 1st being 4 days earlier in Baltimore).  I do not consider myself a serious Rage fan, but you can see how much it affected my by how long it took me to see my 2nd show...

Philly was definitely rocked and kicked in the ass.  Rage walked out and after a few opening remarks from Mumia's cousin, they erupted with Testify. Unfortunately, I couldn't get on the floor, but from where I was standing I got a great feel for the show. Guerillo Radio followed and the drop after Zack says "What better time than now" was absolutly insane.  Another highlight was Tom during his riff in Know your Enemy.  The lighting really added to the effect there.  You really couldn't have asked for a better encore...Bulls on Parade, Freedom, and Killing in the name of. 

Without a doubt, I can say that was the best live show I'll ever see. NOBODY can get into a crowd like Rage.  I'm convinced.  It really is like a drug, because it gets inside of you.  I wouldn't say its changed my life, but I'll never ever forget that show, and I can't wait to see them again. I owe my friend Chris a huge thank you for dragging my ass down to Baltimore.  Unreal. Unreal.

M. Zeb.

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