Rage Against the Machine Reviews

RATM, Philadelphia, Dec. 6th, 1999

After experiencing my first Rage Against the Machine concert this past Monday Dec. 6 in Philly, I felt I had to say something about the impact it made on me.  I honestly feel that I have never seen anything else like it before or will again.  I was blown away at the energy of both the crowd and the group members themselves!  Rage just hit the stage like a bolt of lightning cutting through the dark, empty air of the Spectrum!  Their music pounding pellets of frustration, anger, and love into the crowded minds of the listeners.  As the mass instantly drew up their arms in applause in a mad frenzied display of emotion!  It was totally mind boggling!  The ground shook like an earthquake as Zack, Tom, Tim, and Brad pulsed sounds into the very core of the heart!  I am active in Amnesty International and listening to Rage this year has really helped keep my mind focused and determined.  I look calm, but my heart is on fire and one of  the only things that keeps it from exploding is listening to their music and knowing that they are up on stage, singing their hearts out for all those supressed and suffering around the world, who are unable to cry, scream, or even voice their own minds.  It's awesome to know that at least four people are really making good use of the oxygen on this earth!  And I hope more and more people will continue to hear their message...let the FOP, the CIA, hell even the WTO threaten, it's of no use, they can't stop the truth!

- Justice de Journo

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