Rage Against the Machine Reviews

RATM, Philadelphia, Dec. 6th, 1999

guerilla radio
ghost of tim joad
no shelter
bullet in your head
know your enemy
killing in the name
people of the sun
bulls on parade
calm like a bomb
born of a broken man
war within a breath
It was raining as we drove up to the Spectrum and i thought it might put a damper on the show. I was taking my brother and friend for their first RATM show. They would not be disappointed. I was a little upset that i didn't get floor seats. Tried to think of ways to get onto the pit. The security people had this place locked down. The entire show i don't think i saw more than 3 people get onto the floor. Most of the people were caught and escorted back in the seating area. It was great the frist guy that escaped the security dudes totally outran and out manuvered them. Once he got away everybody started to clap and cheer! Anti-Flag came one first and they were pretty hard and fast. Being a punk band, it was hard to understand what the guy was saying. Yet, they kicked some ass :) I went to the show in '97 and Atari Teenage Riot opened and they sucked so i guess Philly lucked out this time. All three bands were saying fuck the system and shit. Totally awesome. I had heard mixed reviews of GangStaar and wasn't sure what to expect. They came on and gave RATM their prop's. The DJ said we're here to warm you up. GangStarr actually got the people on the floor to mosh!!!! All i can say is ALOT of bass! They also had everybody in the crowd giving the one-finger salute :) They ended their set by dedicating the performance to TuPac, Biggie Smalls and some guy named "L"? It took RATM about 30 mins to come out after GangStarr finished. Yet in true RATM fashion, the wait was well worth it. They came out and immediately the crowd went ape-shit. Zach walked out with Pam Africa( Mumia's cousin) and she talked for about 5 mins and Zach give her a big hug and they broke right out into Testify and Gurellia Radio. Tom had some kicks ass riff's and so it was hard to figure out some of the songs that they were going to start playing right away. I'm battered and bruised all over and the ringing in my ears is really bad. I think i've totally lost my voice and it's really hard to swallow. They played Ghost of Tim Joad and suprisingly a large part of the crowd knew the words and were singing along. They also played Calm Like the Bomb. What is there to say? In no particular order they also kicked ass with People of the Sun, Bulls on Parade, War Within a Breath, Sleep now in the fire, born of a broken man and Voice of the Voiceless. For the encore they blasted out Freedom and Killing in the name. They left the stage for about 10 mins or so and the crowd was chanting and pounding their feet on the ground. RATM came out and started to play and the place orgasmed. I was totally spent by the encore and fell down a couple of times. It was amazing, the crowd sang along with Zach and when he stopped singing the crowd continued. Tom as usual was unbelievable. He must be lifting weights or something because he is getting pretty big. Timmy C., is great too. I don't think he gets the credit he deserves sometimes. In the end, any seat for the RATM show is a good seat. I wasn't sure how much fun i'd have but i think i safely say they are by far the best live band now.....I would argue best live band of all time. The Rage is Relentless......

In Solidarity,
Ashish Desai

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