Rage Against the Machine Reviews

The Battle of New York- Rage at the Nassau Coliseum, 12/3/99

Well, just got back.  All I can say is that I'm glad I wasn't in the pit.  Rage puts on an amazing show as you all know.

The opening band was called At the Drive In... they were horrible! I couldn't understand one word the guy said!  That's all I gotta say about them! They were on about a half hour, and I was walking around for most of their set, getting my t-shirt and stuff.

Gang Starr was also bad, the typical rap group that spends half of the time they're on stage talking about themself.  I don't think they played any "music" until like 10 minutes after they got on stage.  They made this little speech about showing love to the police (and of course giving the finger when he said that).

After Gang Starr, EVERYBODY jumped into the pit.  Everybody.  They sold tickets so that the area inside the hockey boards was about half full, but by the time Rage came on it was totally full.  Not many people got caught, but the ones that did had it tough.  They weren't kicked out, but they were physically thrown back over the boards.  I saw one kid practically body slammed back out of the pit.

Well, finally, time to tell you about Rage.  Zack said "We're Rage Against the Machine from Los Angeles California" and they started into Testify.  They played (a little out of order) Guerilla Radio, People of the Sun, Calm Like A Bomb, Bullet in the Head ("this song is called a bullet in your head" were the only words Zach said to the crowd until the encore), The Ghost of Tom Joad, Vietnow (yeah! I'm so glad they played it!) Know Your Enemy, No Shelter, Born of a Broken Man, Sleep Now in the Fire, and War Within A Breath (I don't think I left anything out, did I?).  They then played an encore of Bulls on Parade, they did this jam and Zack gave a speech like "we don't support killing of cops, we don't support any kind of killing, but you gotta stand up for your rights" and got into Mumia a little bit.  Then they played Freedom and closed with Killing in the Name.  The only song I think they should have played that they didn't was Bombtrack.

Well... an awesome concert!

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