Rage Against the Machine Reviews

Nuremburg, Germany - Rock AM Ring, 6.11.00

Let me just start out w/ a random note, 2 days before the show me and my friend got Che Guevara henna tattoos on our right fists just for this special Rage occasion. KoRn's set had just ended and out came the RATM crew *harasses the German gaurds* I was ready to see Rage. Out walks the band... You know I don't think they did their "This is Rage Against The Machine comin' in from..." bit. Anyway the show was going on it was all good. Zack ripped up the stage. They looked like tiny little people up on the stage, and I was front row center. They opened w/ Testify, then Guerrilla Radio, even tho I've listened to the songs a million times it sounded fresh and new. During Killing In The Name Zack came to my front and sang "some of those that hold office, are the same the burn crosses" he changed the lyrics a bit. And earlier in Born Of a Broken Man he sang "born of a broken man, but not a broken man" there was no "not of a broken man" during the whole song, but at the end of the song he stood at my front and sang repeatedly "never a broken man, never a broken man" I swear he said it about 10 times. During the whole show Fieldy, Head, Munky (and his wife) of KoRn we're standing on the side of the stage totally tripping off the crowd. I say the crowd was definitely more wild for Rage than KoRn. At one point Fieldy pointed to something that happened in the crowd of 150,000 and his mouth dropped. I know they wished they were as fresh as Rage :) I definitely felt the pressure more during Rage than in KoRn's set, not breathing is sometimes fun. Munky's wife was just totally rocking out, hair flyin' everywhere. That was such an amusing site to see. Zack also did the Freedom for Mumia song which rocked. Rage was the second to the last band of the whole entire festival (well there were 3 stages but we were at the main stage), and it seamed like everyone was there for just a usual 2 or 3 band concert. The crowd was soo wild. It was my second time seeing Rage and it was just more in every way than the first time I saw them. When their set was over we swam out of the pool of people...took us about 15+ minutes. Me, Maurisa, and Che had made it to Rage Against The Machine in Germany.


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