Rage Against the Machine Reviews

RATM, New Haven Colliseum, Dec. 5th

From reading the reviews from other shows of this tour, and from my expierience at the Mumia benefit I was expecting a stampede of fans to invade the floor. But, when the lights dimmed not one person stormed the floor. I was also expecting Rage to start with Testify. Instead, after the "Good evening, we're Rage Against the Machine from Los Angeles, California" tidbit they went right into Bulls On Parade. The energy of the entire set was through the roof. Every song was performed to near perfection. Zack dedicated a song, I think Know Your Enemy, to At the Drive-In and gave props to Gangstarr during another. He seemed to be on the brink on crying during the 3rd verse of Born of a Broken Man. Tom added a weird little intro to Sleep Now in the Fire thats not on the record. They left the stage after War Within a Breath, which in my opinion was the highlight of the night. After about five minutes they returned with an encore of Guerrilla Radio, Freedom, and Killing In the Name. Quite impressive. Here's a setlist-in order!:

Bulls On Parade
People Of the Sun
Calm Like A Bomb
Bullet in the Head
Sleep Now in the Fire
Born of a Broken Man
The Ghost of Tom Joad
Know You Enemy
No Shelter
War Within A Breath
Guerrilla Radio
Killing In the Name

My only complaints are that they didn't play enough Evil Empire shit. I would have like to hear Vietnow, Down Rodeo, and Roll Right. Oh well.

After exiting that hell-hole, they were passing out At the Drive-In 2-track promo discs. I got one - too bad I already had those songs on albums though. We went up about 15 flight of stairs to the parking lot and pulled out of our parking spot only to sit in a line that did not more one inch for over an hour. After about 20 minutes of this almost every fucking car in the place (probably a couple thousand) started honking their horns - then people started setting off their alarms. This went on for a good 5-10 minutes. And then continued on and off for the rest of the time we sat their. It was funniest expierience I have ever encountered in a parking garage - not to mention the drunken asshole that jumping on the rooves of everyone's cars, and jumping in the windows and shaking people's hand. Weird. After about and hour and a half we got out of there and went home.

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