Rage Against the Machine Reviews

RATM in Nashville, TN, Dec. 8th, 1999

Back from seeing rage in nashville, and it was great. Despite a couple of rednecks starting a few bullshit fights, the pit was pretty phat. The boys, or at least where I was, looked out for the girls and those put to the ground were helped up. Obviously, there were a few assholes who had to cop a feel on some oof the dancing honeys, because Zach stopped and called them knuckleheads and mother fuckers and told them to get the fuck out, and then instructed the ladies to gouge out their eyes if they didn't stop. The set list as much as I can remember is as follows:

Guerrilla Radio
Calm Like A Bomb
People of the Sun
Know Your Enemy
Ghost of Tom Joad
Sleep Now In the Fire
Bullet in the Head
No Shelter
Jam (with lyrics from Roll Right)
Bulls on Parade
Killing in the Name.

Thats pretty much the correct order, but a couple may be out of place. The jam was a slow groove with Tom squealing like a siren and Tim doing a choppy walk up and down the bass. Zach repeated "here comes the shot" over and over and then went into some lyrics that were mostly from Without A face, but hey might have been the words from the live song known as Testify that used those and other lyrics. It was pretty cool. The opening bands were weird. The punk band ANTI-Flag was weak. They were your standard punk bullshit act, but the leadsinger was trying to sound like this tough militant whatever but the whole time he sounded like a little kid repeating some shit he read with a shitty northern accent, and when he sang (like all hack punkers do) he had a british accent. They were definately the low point of the evening. GANGSTARR was pretty phat. I couldn't really understand all their words, but they had some bad ass beats and the flow was straight in and of itself.

In all, I saw one unconcious frat boy, three bleeding injuries, two fights, two very tough women (WUz UP JESSICA FROM MANCHESTER) and more beligerent rednecks than one would care to count. I came out with a sore back and a puffy eye (caught an elbow from one of the useless, fighting trolls) and loved every minute of it. If you had any doubts about whether you wanted to see rage live, rest assured, you won't be disapointed.

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