Rage Against the Machine Reviews

The Battle of Munich-7-2-2000

This was my first R.A.T.M concert and I have to say they kick ass! Iīve never attended a more powerful, exhausting, great concert like this one. I travelled about 300 km from my hometown in Austria to Munich (R.A.T.M should come over and play in Austria next time as well, cause there were loads of austrian fans there!). The concert was held at the Zenith, an old mashine-factory - a superb place for concerts. Iīm not quite sure how many people attended the concert, but I think about 5000 - 6000.

First on stage was the Asian Dub Foundation and they played for about 45 min. Rage started at about 9.15 pm. It was brilliant they came on stage over a gallery which ran along the wall on the right hand side. Zack introduced themselves with: "Good evening, we are Rage Against The Machine from Los Angeles!"

Then the kicked ass for about 90 min. During Testify the big picture of The Battle of L.A cover went down with the words "The battle of Munich"

Setlist (not in order but very close):
Guerilla Radio
People of the Sun
Calm like a bomb
Sleep now in the fire
Ghost of Tom Joad
Bullet in the head
Born of a broken man
War within a breath
Know your enemy

Bulls on parade
Killing in the name of

The most powerful songs were Bombtrack and  Killing in the name of. I turned around and the whole hall was jumping and shouting "F*ck you I wonīt do what you tell me!" 8000 people imagine that was fantastic.When they played freedom, Zack was singing "Freedom for Mumia!"

This was my first Rage concert and I was stocked it was so great, I hope Rage will be playing over here in Europe during the summer (f.ex.at the Rock im Park concert)! Greetings to all my friends who couldnīt attend the concert, you missed the event of the year - thanx Hanns (happy birthday once again!), Robbi & Herb! We had a great time! Watch out for the next Rage concert near you!

Peace brothas & sistas: Wolf Dieter

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