Rage Against the Machine Reviews

First of all I wanna apologize for my bad english. I hope you can understand what I'm saying.

Well, I've been in Munich (Feb.7th) then in Milan (Feb.18th) and I'll report this last venue. RATM are an explosive quartet, they're amazing live on stage, they generate an unbelievable quantity of noise and energy. 10K peoples filled the Filaforum, we had a wonderful night.

The track list was about as for the rest of the tour. I didn't think so many italian guys could sing for so long every RATM's song! TESTIFY started the show and so did the mosh. People singin' and jumping everywhere, both on the ground floor and on the stands. Then GUERRILLA RADIO: I think this song will begin a "must" in RATM's shows, it was so full of rythm and energy that nobody could stand still. "All hell can't stop us now" will begin the new declaretion of war against the system. Third was PEOPLE OF THE SUN... I loved it! It was clear at that point everybody had to spend his energy until the last drop. Starting by here I don't remember the exact order, I'll try to do my best. In ASHES IN THE FALL Tom met a problem with a guitar's pedal (I suppose) after the intro in changing guitar effect while Brad, Tim and Zack performed as usual. When everything was OK he turned up on the front line working harder than ever on his six strings tool until the song ended. Tom tooks his double neck guitar in performing THE GHOST OF TOM JOAD (he reminded me of Jimmy Page). The right song in supporting of Mumia Abu Jamal and the Milan's 10K guys tribute him a loud cheers. SLEEP NOW IN THE FIRE is the rebirth of rock'n'roll. BULLET IN THE HEAD and KNOW YOUR ENEMY, two masterpiece in the early RATM's era. All the dome shouting "Just victims of the in-house drive-by. They say jump, you say how high." and then "we don't need the key, we'll break in". Each time Zack pointed the mic to us: we gave him everything he asked! CALM LIKE A BOMB... simply explosive! Pure TNT inside a song. BORN OF A BROKEN MAN: one of my favourite BOLA's songs. Its alternance of quiet spoken and riff's brutality made, live, an extraordinary waving effect. For whom still live after this infernal sequence WAR WITHIN A BREATH cames! Shit! I've just spent all my resources! How does one resist to mosh for 5 mins more? End of first part. Ten min break. Our salvation.

Encore started with BULLS ON PARADE, a never hearded intro announced it. What can I say? There aren't words. Then a kind of medley with ROLL RIGHT words over a never heardmusic in supporting Mumia linked to... FREEDOM. KILLING IN THE NAME towered in the possible best way the end of show: 10K voices singing every word at once. Zack's voice was covered. We were RATM, they could only play... and again... and again... and again. Yeah!

"Thanks guys, we had a great staying in Italy and we'll do our best to back here as soon as possible" was what about Zack said.

I wanna simply thank Brad, Tim, Tom and Zack. You're wonderful!

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