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Mexico city Review

It began on tuesday night We took the redeye flight out of LAX, We being My wife Patty, Guerrillero Juan and Myself. The flight left Los Angeles at 11:55p.m. and arrived in Mexico city at 5:30a.m., A cousin of ours who We had never met before was at the airport waitng to pick us up. My wife and I had never been to Mexico city before so to go for the first time , and get to see RATM play.....Damn! We sleep at our cousin's house till noon, Then we head down to The Palacio de los Deportes, the venue where RATM will be preforming, To pick up our tickets. In front of the venue there is a line already forming, about 25 people, My cousin who has never seen RATM play before, can't belive it. It's only noon he says, yeah I say but this is RATM. We get our tickets at the window, Where fans had formed an even longer line hoping some last minute tickets for the SOLD OUT show would go on sale.

With about 5 hours to go before showtime we decided to go see the UNAM, the school where the students are striking. Before entering the school students themselvs ask for your I.D. and your reason for wanting to enter. My cousin let them know that We were tourist and wanted to learn more about the strike. The awsome thing about this strike is that the students themselvs organized it, shut down the school, put road blocks and all, to get there demands heard. One of the best things of the trip was going to see UNAM and see whats going on. Back to the venue at about 5:30p.m.the line was long,really long, on the sidewalk in front of the venue they were selling bootleg RATM shirts, these were the best looking RATM shirts I had ever seen!!!

The line began to move at about 6:00p.m. We start making our way in and we see that the show will not be in the Palacio but next to it in a airplanehanger looking type of thing. There are NO seats inside. We take our spot right under the RATM banner, The banner is the cover of the new album but insted of it saying "The battle of Los Angeles" it says"The battle of Mexico city". The banner is dirrectly across from  the stage,about in the middle of the floor facing the band not the crowd, so if you were in the back by the soundboard you would not be able to see it.

The first band to play was Aztlan Underground a great,great band also from L.A., We had seen them play many times before in L.A. and We thought they put on another great show. (way to represent A.U.) Next was Tijuana No, We had never seen them play before and We were looking foward to it, but the crowd nor us were impresed, The crowed was chanting throughout there set " que se bajen", que se bajen" (get off, get off). When they were done it got extremly tight in there, people getting in position, getting ready to do battle. Then My cousin turns to me and says " look thats him, thats Mosh!! he is the leader of the student strike at the UNAM". Man I couldn't make my way over to talk to him because it was so tight in there, but it was great seeing him at the show. Lights out and a projector comes on,on a portible screen that was on the stage, it shows a video of the EZLN on horseback going through the jungle, Led by Sub.Comander Marcos. The Sub. Comander is wearing a CHE t-shirt, and sitts at a table where he brakes down a long speach in which he even mentions RATM(in english).

After, the screen is taken down and the anxious waiting begins.... 20 minutes go by until finally we see Zack walk on stage followed by Tom, YtimK and brad. Zack steps to the mic..." Buenas noches nosotros somos Rabia Contra la Maqina de Los Angeles"....Man I had never seen a place blow up like that!! I have been to many RATM shows but this was amazing!! Testify, Guerrilla Radio, Awsome!! but up next People of the Sun, Damn The people there knew "this is OUR song"!!!! The whole set was breath taking, When RATM steped off to take a brake the whole crowed was chanting "freedom,freedom,freedom". When RATM returned for the encore the crowd was ready for more with the same energy as it had from the start.  For the encore........ What more appropriate song than Zapata's blood!!!!!, Killing in the name, and to finish everyone off "Freedom/townshiprebellion"!! At shows end Zack stayed showing everyone a raised fist, normally he is the first one off the stage,  But not on this night, Zack and Tom left the stage together, hugging eachother as if to say this battle has been won!!!

And by the looks on everyones face it was won, with out adout...... .."THEE BEST RATM CONCERT I HAVE EVER BEEN TO"!!!!!!!! Patty and Juan agree.....OH and My cousin's jaw droped so much I think he broke it(j/k) He was amazed!! As we were making our way out I could not believe who we saw, it was Javier Elorriaga of the FZLN, Juan and myself spoke with him and mentioned how it is such a great thing the EZLN and FZLN stand for.. hand shakes and  "Fuerza Guerrero" were exchanged. We walked outside to see riot police waiting but no drama broke out, The next couple of days we spent seeing the great city of Mexico, from the Beutiful pyramids to the large country sides.

Great time, Great trip,Great band!!! .....From the "BIGGEST RATM FAN" in the San Fernando Valley of ... California......Jose Contreras.

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