Rage Against the Machine Reviews

Modern Drummer - February 2000
Critique: Recordings: Rage Against the Machine - The Battle of Los Angeles (By Michael Parillo)

Compare Rage with other hard-rocking bands that feature hip-hop flavors, and youíll discover what sets these guys apart: groove. While guitarist Tom Morello adds even more colors--- including swirling psychedelia---to his vast sonic palette, Battleís greatest asset is the airtight rhythm section of Brad Wilk and Y.Tim.K. Without laboring, Brad and Tim lay the funkiest foundation for aggressive riffing since, well, Bonzo and Jonesy. Sure, thatís a big claim, but this is one helluva good album. "Mic Check," for instance, features Wilkís loosest, most "get-down" drumming on record. Though his sound changes a bit throughout the LP, itís distinguished by a tight, ringing snare and the same beefy bass drum sound that graces Evil Empireís low end. And despite those groovy ghost notes, Battle is still as heavy as a sack of bricks.

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