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Rage: Worcester Centrum, Worcester MA. Nov. 30

It was a dream come true. Me and four of my friends were going to a Rage concert. We got to the Centrum at six o'clock, an hour and a half early, so we could check out all the Rage booths and local radio station booths. I was so damn excited to finally see my idols. As we walked up the steps of the Centrum we noticed some cops holding signs that said something along the lines of how "everyone who is going to the rage concert supports cop-killers." Zack had something to say about that during the concert. 

"At the Drive-in" opened for Rage at 7:30. They pretty much sucked. I couldnt understand a word the singer was saying, and it seemed that all he did was throw his mic around and catch it. They played five songs and then Gangstar came on. They were decent. They had the stage set up with a background made up of fake bass amps and one black leather couch in the center. They played for a while, talking about being rebels and then told everyone to "flip-off the closest cop to you." That was pretty funny. It just so happened that a security officer was walking down our isle and everyone around us turned to him and fliped him off. After Gangstar left the stage there was about a half hour wait until Rage came on. Within that half hour people were going insane. Tons of people on the top balconys jumped down to the lower levels, where I was sitting, and decided to gather a bunch of people and take out the security guards standing in front of the gates to the floor. They succeeded, and eventually everyone was taking out security guards to get to the floor.

Finally, the lights got dim and Rage walked onto the stage. I noticed that Brad was wearing a little band around his head with feather stuck in it. Zack introduced them saying "good evening we're Rage Against the Machine from Los Angeles California, and we dedicate this set to our brother Mumia Abu Jamal." They started right off with Testify and then got into Guerilla Radio, it was amazing. I was about ten feet from Morello and I just want to state that he IS the man. The next song was People of the Sun, and when Morello started the riff the place went of the wall. After People of the Sun. Tim C. started the bass riff for Calm Like a Bomb. Halfway through the whispered "feel the funk blast" Tim C. stopped playing, he screwed up on the riff, so they started over after the rest of the band members were finished laughing at him. They played Bullet in the Head next, and I noticed some lifeless body get dumped over the gate in front of the floor. Kinda glad I decided not to go down there. Ghost of Tom Joad was next. That was awesome, and again everyone lost it at "you'll see me..." Sleep Now in the Fire was next. I personally love this song. All the lights went out when Morello played his first solo except one blue light shining on him then the whole Centrum just went off when he went into the sencond solo. Born of a Broken Man followed. Zack went over and stood between the bass amp and the drum kit to sing. That song was the most intense song Ive ever heard live. No Shelter followed Broken Man, and then they played the best song, Know your Enemy. That was absolutly the best. I have never gotton such an adrenaline rush than when they played that song. They finished up the set with War Within a Breath and left the stage.

After 10 minutes of chanting Rage, they finally came back for an encore. They started of with Bulls on Parade. The whole house was shaking on the guitar solo. After Bulls on Parade Morello started playing some slow riff I havent ever heard. Kind of sounded like the beginning of Fuck the Police but much slower. While They were playing that Zack made his speach about Mumia, and about all the cops protesting outside. He said something along the lines of "I saw all the banners and posters outside tonight stating that were all a bunch of cop-killer supporters. Well thats not true. All those cops outside are just intimidated by this revolution. Were just a band. You are the ones they are intimidated by. Rage Against the Machine sure doesnt support cop-killers, and we sure in hell dont support no killer-cops. This is for my man Mumia Abu Jamal." and then the riff turned into Freedom. And then without stopping Freedom turned into Killing in the Name.

Now that was intense. All the lights came on in the whole Centrum and every person in the place was jumping in unison, middle fingers in the air. You never really realize the true power of Rage's music and lyrics until you feel one of their concerts. Truly an experience I will never forget.

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