Rage Against the Machine Reviews

London 28th Jan 00

Amazing, just amazing. I have never seen anything like it. The atmosphere was superb, the music was excellent and even though we didn't have particularly good seats, (I would have preferred to be down in the mosh) it was such an amazing experience. Rage against the machine have to be one of the greatest bands around at the moment in the world. With Zach's screaming vocal lines and Tom's virtuoso guitar approach firmly rooted in rock upbringings, along with one superb bassist coupled with a drummer, who could put almost anyone who's ever tapped on a desk to shame, this is the most breath taking, awesome, blow you away band I have ever had the privilege and honour to go and see. The set was sensational. with everything from calm like a bomb to the brand spanking new guerrilla radio, with only one or two dodgy evil empire tracks thrown in, it was an amazing night. The crowd were ready for it too. People were there hours in advance to soak up the awesome atmosphere, including the massive "Battle of London" banner above the Arena Box Office. We got there early and just had time to nick some cool signs before we took to our seats. As I said, we didn't have superb seats, but a cold concrete floor would have been cool for this concert. I would have laid on broken glass if I'd had to. This was one cool gig. Even the support, Asian Dub Foundation, were pretty cool, but nothing could have physched up this crown enough for the astonishing performance which followed. The place was packed. When I wasn't soaking it up, or between songs, I looked out across the arena at the sea of people down in standing. I was amazing. There were so many of them. No wonder that the standing was sold out, I don't think you could have fitted many more people in that pit. Overall, I would have to say that if you see one band in your life, or can't decide what to spend your last cash on, go see rage against the machine, they rock more than you can ever imagine. peace.

From: a satisfied mob member

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