Rage Against the Machine Reviews

Seoul, Korea

Rage against the machine! finally came to Seoul, Korea. Last summer, they came for the Triport Rock Festival but because of the typoon, the festival was canceled. However, RATM kept their promise, and came back a year later.

It is my second time, year ago, I went to KROQ show at Jones Beach, NY. However, the show at the Olympic stadium was totally different and amazing. The stage was simple. Two big black flags with red stars were hanging in each side and when the technician was checking Brad's drum set, people were already moshing and struggling to get the stadium moving. They came out twenty after  eight o'clock. It was suprising because there was no opening band. However, people were already screaming and moving the stadium. Zack said hello in Korean to the crowd without any accent, and people were very excite about his act. RATM opened the night with one of Sex Pistol's songs. Then they quickly moved the crowd into Bulls on Parade. Obviously everyone knew this song. Tom changed the solo scratching part little bit  but still truly fantastic. People totally packed my area, which was not far away from the stage. Everyone was sweating and on total mass movement. Zack's voice had a great and powerful from short break. They played lotta songs from the latest album, those include: Testify, Guerrilla Radio, Calm like a bomb, Sleep now in a fire, etc. THey played their typical songs like Bombtrack, Bullet in the head, know your enemy, and No shelter, but did not play Vietnow nor People of the Sun. Everything was great, but Tom's guitar sound was bit weaker than Zack's voice or Brad's bass. After an hour later, they ended with War within a breath. It was a great live song. About ten minutes later, RATM came back and played Freedom. During the climax part where Zack usually screams just 'Freedom', he added 'Freedom Korea' , and quickly continueded to Killing in the name which got the most cheer from the crowd. Especially, Timmy C or Y.tim.K or whatever his name is now, got teenage girls scream when he got the bridge part before Zack started to break it down. When the song ended, all of them bowed and waved hands to crazy  Korean fans. People shouted their names again and hoping them to come out for another encore song, but we all knew the great night has ended. People all waved their hands back at them, and Zack shook some kids hands in the front row.

  It was great to see them in my home country, and hope it was great for them too.

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