Rage Against the Machine Reviews

Rage in Houston, 12/12/99

As I walked through the freezing cold weather to the Compaq Center I was very excited about seeing my favorite band in the world Rage Against the Machine in concert for the very first time. The day I had bought the tickets I asked for three floor but when I got home I found out they were fucking seat tickets. But I was not going to let that destory the whole concert. When I got in the Compaq Center a man (that looked like Fidel Castro) came up to me and gave me something and Cuba and the U.S. There was so much propaganda. There was one section where poeple were giving away infomation on such topics from Mumia Abu-Jabal, ending the death penality, to something about how leather is bad because innocent cows are slaughtered for it or something. After looking at that stuff we went to find out seats, they were not that bad and we had a good view of the stage. After sitting there for about 20 min, right at 7:30 the lights went out. There was a recording of what sounded like WW III going there were gunshots and bombs exploding. It was Anti-Flag. They came out and played a pretty godd show. But it seemed like all their songs sounded the same. They played this one song called "Fuck Police Brutality" it kicked ass. They played for 30 min. then Gangsstar came on. Let me tell you they just flatr out sucked. That says enough about them. Then while we were waiting for 30. min for Rage to set up my friends and I were thinking of a plan to get on the floor. There were so many "Event Staff" people there it was crazy. Everywhere you turned you saw the yellow jackets. There were all over the place. Then it got dark and Zac came out and said "Good Evening we're Rage Against The Machine from Los Angeles California". Then they busted into Testify.And a huge banner appeared that said "The Battle of Houston". The set list is as follows

(not in order)
Guerrilla Radio
Bullet in the Head
Know your Enemy
People of the Sun
Calm like a Bomb
No Shelter
Ghost of Tom Joad
Sleep Now in the Fire
Born of a Broken Man
War Within a Breath

Bulls on Prade
A weird ass version of I think was "Roll Right"

Then they closed the show with "Killing in the Name" it was so fucking awesome when everybody was yelling "fuck you I wont do what you tell me". Then they exploded and people went nuts. Even my and my 2 other friends started our own little losh pit in the seats! Then after that they just walked off the stage without saying a word. I stood there in shock. It was by far the best concert I have ever been to in my life. Rage puts on such a good show. It would be a little better if Zac talked a little more. But still I cant wait until they come back to Houston and anywhere in Texas.

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