Rage Against the Machine Reviews

Rage in Houston, 12/12/99

What can I say that hasn't been said yet. Go see rage! After the short trip to Houston, me and my friend made it inside the Compaq center at about 7:00. The show started around 7:30, so we bought the rage tour shirts and headed off to our seats. We wanted to get to the pit but there was a ton of security. The crowd seemed pretty passive for a rage show. It was composed of alot of stupid, sweaty college aged guys who think Mumia Abu-Jamal is some sort of new, fancy Gap shirt design (I even saw a guy wearing a cowboy hat, only in Texas). Anyways, Anti-Flag came on and played about 4 songs. I'm not really a punk fan, but they were fine. They were turned up a little too loud in my opinion, though. After they were done, Gangstarr showed up. I really dislike 'hardcore rap' because it seems so fake. They rap about nothing relevent, and they seem musically lacking. I can't listen to the same beat for every song, so I left and visited the information tables. Those were good. They info on Zapatista's, Mumia, Sweatshops and other such topics. I picked up all of the info I could so I could read it later. After going back to my seat, I wasn't sure what to expect when rage came on. After seemingly an hour's wait, they finally showed up. Here's the setlist:

Guerilla Radio
Calm Like a Bomb
Bullet in the Head
Ghost of Tom Joad
Born of a Broken Man
People of the Sun
Know Your Enemy
Sleep Now in the Fire
No Shelter
War Within a Breath
Bulls on Parade
Roll Right (jam)
Killing in the Name of

It was very intense and exciting. These guys are the best. Not just for their muisc either. Just by them raising political awareness in young people, it makes them many times better than other bands.

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