Rage Against the Machine Reviews

Rage in Honolulu
By Skylar

Just before the opening act took the stage, some local DJ from the radio station that was co-promoting the concert or something came out to hype the crowd.  He went over some of the rules that "the man" wanted us all to follow (no pictures, no smoking, no drinking, etc..) then some other people came out and handed out some tee-shirts and key chains and stuff from the radio station.

The opening act (the John Spencer Blues Explosion) took the stage soon after.  Now I, as well as about four or five other people in the arena at that time thought they rocked.  I've never heard of them before, so I wasn't sure what to expect.  They played almost continuously from the beginning of their set to the end, which, from someone who appreciates talent, thought was awesome.  But the rest of the drunken assholes there didn't give a fuck, and just wanted Rage.  They totally disrespected the band by continuously throwing all sorts of shit at them while they were playing.  All the key chains that were thrown into the crowd before the concert, were more than likely back on stage by the time JSBE was done.  They had shoes thrown at them, one of which I think landed on the drum set during their performance.  They had tee-shirts and water bottles and God knows what else hurled at them.  All throughout their set people were yelling shit like "you suck", "fuck you", "get off the fucking stage" and all sorts of crap.  I was totally embarrassed by the whole situation.  I think it just made Rage fans look really awful.

Anyway, once JSBE was done, people immediately began chanting "We want Rage".  The stage hands came on to clear off their equipment, which was basically a couple of guitars and a  little drum set. (they were a three piece band; two guitarists and a drummer)  Rage's equipment was already set up behind that, so it wasn't long before the lights were cut again and everyone went crazy.

Zack got on the mic not long after and said "Good evening, we're Rage Against the Machine from Los Angeles, California" causing everyone in the building to go ape-shit.  "Bombtrack" was immediately unleashed on the crowd, getting the whole mass of people on the floor bouncing and shit, followed by "Bulls On Parade".

It was either after "Bulls on Parade", or the third song, which I think was "Know Your Enemy", that Zack spoke to the crowd about disrespecting the women.  He said that he noticed a lot of guys grabbing the girls that were crowd surfing and stuff, and said that if he sees another guy disrespect another girl again, then you know where the door is, or something to that effect.  Again, another embarrassing moment for myself and the few other people at the concert who were in their right minds.

From there on, I really can't remember what song was played when.  All I can tell ya is that it was one hit after another, after another, after another.

They did play "Broken Man", which was great, and another of their new songs that I was unable to identify, which totally rocked the crowd.  They also played "Tire Me", one of my personal favorites, as well "No Shelter", and then "Freedom/Township" to close the concert, and "Killing in the Name" as sort of an encore.  Before they came back on stage for the encore people started chanting "we want Rage" again, and then began to chant "Fuck you I won't do what you tell me", which was sort of funny.  I guess they knew what was happening.

Just an unbelievable experience all together to be front row at a Rage concert.  Yeah, so I'm all battered and bruised, and I called in sick to work two days in a row.  So what?  The point is I got to see one hell of a show, and if they ever decide to come back, I'll be front and center once again.  They are without a doubt the best band in the fucking universe!

On a side note: before the concert started I noticed an N'sync concert poster outside the arena, just before the gates to go in.  They're supposedly having a concert here I guess.  Anyway, it was all fine when everyone was let in to the building, but after the show was threw the poster was totally wrecked.  I thought that was pretty funny.  I guess they shouldn't have put that poster out until after the Rage concert took place. :o)

set list:

Bulls on Parade
Know Your Enemy
Bullet in the Head
Broken Man
People of the Sun
Tire Me
*New Song*
Ghost of Tom Joad
No Shelter
Freedom/ Township
Killing in the Name

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