Rage Against the Machine Reviews

Rage at Fuji Fest, Japan

As you know, Rage just came to Japan to play for the Fuji Rock Festival. It was second time that Rage has ever come to Japan. Naeba, where the Festival took place, is quite far from where I'm living, but I thought I had to go, because rage doesn't play in Japan very often. I think it's needless to say, but the stage was just great. They opened with "Bulls on parade" and the audience just went nuts. The songs they played were..

1.Bulls on parade
2.Know your enemy
4.Broken Man
5.Bullet in the head
7.Ghost of tom joad
9.People of the sun
10.No Shelter
11.Freedom(followed by Township Rebellion)
12.Killing in the name

Zack made a short speech about Mumia Abu Jamal before "Freedom", but it was very short. Maybe it's because Japanese people don't understand English very well.

The Festival overall was very good also. The weather was fine, No damn thing happened like Woodstock, and I think everybody really enjoyed the atmosphere.

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