Rage Against the Machine Reviews

Focus on Family Reviews Battle of Los Angeles

Genre: Thrash/Rap

Chart Action: Debuted at number 1

Reviewed By: Bob Waliszewski

Pro-Social Content: "Testify" warns that the media can anesthetize society to the realities of war. The band seems to mourn the plight of Mexicans abused in sweatshops ("Maria").

Objectionable Content: Tracks advocate murderous retaliation for oppression ("Mic Check"), using media to win over the masses and violently depose leaders ("Guerrilla Radio"), and fighting to redistribute wealth and power ("War Within a Breath"). The screaming vocalist longs to see the "smoldering rubble of empires" and claims there's a "right to kill" on "Calm Like a Bomb." Similarly, "New Millennium Homes" states, "Violence is in all hands/Embrace it if need be." The church is blamed for the anguish of poor, homeless people on "Ashes in the Fall" ("It's the priests that f--- you as they whisper holy things"). Jesus is viciously accused of "stripping bare and raping the spirit he was supposed to nurture" ("Born of a Broken Man"). Profanity slays several cuts.

Summary/Advisory: The political causes aren't always clear, but the band's anger is unmistakable. At the church. At the rich. At governments. And settling things peacefully isn't an option. Rage Against the Machine preaches anarchy and violence, believing they can somehow solve the world's problems by throwing gasoline on the fire. Keep teens away from the self-righteous rioting in The Battle of Los Angeles.

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