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Rage at the El Rey

The plan was to purchase my Rage Against the Machine tickets on the internet for what was going to be my first ever Rage show, however, I did not anticipate them selling out so soon. But because of the show itself, being that it was in a small club and all, my friends and I decided to make are way to the show with a hundred dollars in our hands and a small amount of optimism. I recall my friend saying as we were driving to the venue that we have about a 2-3% chance of getting in, and myself and other friend agreed.

So we arrive at the scene, immediatly asking people if they want to sell their tickets for a hundred cash. But, after about 15 minutes of this process, we decided we needed something else. That something else came in the form of a scalper- big guy, black parka, with the ever so important 2 fingers being held up at his chest to show he was selling. We immediately start dealing. He wants $175 a piece but we tell him we only have $100. He tries to walk away so finally we pull out the cash, and he was overwhelmed with the " fistful" of green in his  the face. The transaction was completed, 3 tickets - $300.

We wait in line for what seems to be less than a second, and finally get to enter the venue. I will never forget the sight of seeing Brad's drum set with the new white album cover hanging in the backround, it was like a dream. We run up to the front with only 3 people in front of us, it was fucking amazing how close we were. It is 8 o' clock at this point and the band comes on at 10. Safe to say, the longest 2 hours of my life. 

Finally the hour of ten comes around and i see Zack appear from behind the BOLA banner. They come out, and Testify is the first song. I have never felt so energized in my life. The sound was perfect and the lighting was shining brilliantly on every one of Zacks moves. My friends and i just looked at each other, knowing we were in for one of the greatest nights of our lives. About 5 songs into the show, Broken man was performed, it was unbelievable, Tim's bass made my stomach throb, and the sight of Zacks face made me feel as passionate for the lyrics as he did. Later on Bulls on Parade was played. To see Tom play that solo was one of the highlights of the night, he also was making eye contact with the crowd, you can tell he knows he is the shit.

They went off the stage playing 10 songs, but this show had to have an encore. They started it with No shelter, very strong performance, and then went to War Within a Breath. This song was the best of the night, it hit fucking incredibally, with the awesome power of Tims cords, Tom and Brad giving it some funk while Zack, of course, adding the intensity with such lyrics as "there exsistence is a crime."

The ending, with no surprise, was the infamous Killing in the Name. To finally here this song live was amazing. At the end we all viscously held our middle fingers up, and i swear to god, my frieds's was almost touching Zack's hand, they stared each other down like two boxers ready for war, an awesome sight.

We walk away from the show dripping in sweat, our shirts off, and ready for some water. We went to the store, bought some drinks, sat out side, still in shock over what we just had seen...Rage Against the Machine in a club with 500 people!

List of Songs: Testify, Guerilla Radio, Sleep Now in the Fire, Born of a Broken Man, War Within a Breath, Bombtrack, Killing in the Name, Bullet in the Head, Know Your Enemy, People of the Sun, Bulls on Parade, No Shelter, and the Ghost of Tom Joad.

Vince Babero

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