Rage Against the Machine Reviews

Denver show, Nov. 24, 1999

I arrived to the show at 6:15 and waited in the cold for 20 minutes in a line that wrapped around the Denver Coliseum complex.  The two bands that played before rage, in my opinion sucked.  Gangstarr was telling us if we don't get rebellious and loud, rage won't come out or something like that. They couldn't get us loud themselves, so they had to threaten us that rage wouldn't come out.  After all was said and done with those guys, rage came out and introduced themselves and started off with testify.  At that point the place got rowdy.  People from the upper bowl of the stadium rushed by the guards to get the to the pit area to be close to the band.  I estimate 70 people rushed to the pit.  The show was a 13 song set that consisted of: testify,guerilla radio, calm like a bomb, people of the sun, bombtrack, born of a broken man, sleep now in the fire, new millennium homes,  know your enemy, bullet in the head, bulls on parade, no shelter, and finishing with killing in the name, unusually not finishing with freedom.  The weird thing was, Zach made no speeches or didn't even talk about mumia or zapatista's. It was strictly music and no speeches.  I was hoping he would have made a speech because that's what the band is about.  Oh well, all in all, it was a great show. Definitely the best damn thing I've ever seen.

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