Rage Against the Machine Reviews

Chicago, All State Arena, 11/26/99

It was november 26, and the place to be was the allstate arena to catch a glimpse of the greatest band in the fucking universe. The cold weather outside along with freezing rain couldnt keep the packed arena otherwise. Inside the familiar feelings of the last rage concert I attended. Some of anxiousness of what i was about to see, and also because i saw that more then half the crowd was not there to support anything unless moshing counts. I saw a moron with a shirt that stated "I support the death penalty". What kind of an idiot goes to a Rage show and wears that shirt. Fucking suburbanite. The first act was dialated peoples, and from what i could bearly hear, they appeared to be o.k. They played a short set saying" I know you people out here waiting for rage so we wont take up much of your time" With that a song later they left. Gangstar was next and the D.J tried to hype up tha crowd. Then Gangstar himeself did also, but there was nothing they could do we were all waiting for rage and that was final. So it appeared when gangstar asked " yal want some more??" the crowd reacted chanting "NOOOOO!" I must admit gangstar was good  but the real reason everyone was there was to see rage. After several songs and lots of people getting tossed out of the floor for trying to get by unnoticed by the security guards. Minutes before the lightswent out the arena chanted  rage! rage! rage! rage! But once the lights came off all hell broke loose, out they came and right in to testify.For the most part it seemed they didnt have a plan as to what songs to play because the met up after every other song to discuss i guess what song to play next. They made good choices. For the first time i heard ghost of tom joad and no shelter live. I cant remember too good the set list since i was too gone from adrenaline pumping to actually remember. i do know that they left after war with in a breath and came back for the ancore with freedom, killing in the name bulls on parade(which i might add was the best live track of the night besides killing in tha name  and freedom) while Tom scratched his guitar Zack said over and over, "Check out my D.J yal? check out my d.j!!! Baddest shit to see.When freedom came to its climax instead of sayin "freedom, yeah right" he said " freedom for mumiaaa!" Again to prove my point on the moshing idiots Zack again pointed out like in previous shows to lay off the women in the front, he stopped just to say that. he said "there are women gettin raped in campuses, in the streets so how are you gonna come to a rage show and do that shit right here, in front of me? i see that shit again and ill have your ass tossed the fuck out" Perfect example of the ignorance that plagues the rage shows by these fools. Besides that the concert was the best shit i seen live. Since 97 when i saw them last. It was truly a memorable experience that will live in me for ever. All i wish is that i could see them again.and again and again......

salutes to all rage comrades


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