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Chicago, All State Arena, 11/26/99

We got to the Allstate Arena around 6:30 P.M. and waited out-front in the cold ass weather for about 15 minutes until they let us in. After I got in, I immediately rushed to the shirt stand and bought myself a Battle Of Los Angeles shirt with all the dates and cities on the back. I had to get myself a wrist band since I was on the floor. After I did that, I walked around with my friends knowingly we have to waste an hour before Dialated Peoples came out. We walked around and got chased by people wanting to kick our ass for our wrist bands to the floor. I don't know what got into me that night, but all I caught myself saying is FUCK YOU!!! and giving the finger to all these idiots. It was pretty funny. Anyways, Dialated Peoples were pretty good if you like that Run DMC type rap (which I do). They played about 4 songs and didn't get much of a reaction from the crowd since everyone was there for Rage. I might also add there was a lot of skanky ass weed at this concert. Shit did I never want to puke from so much weed smoke. Usually weed has a nice smell, but god damn, this stuff was skanky ass it could get. Anyways, Dialated Peoples got off and it took about 20 minutes for the Gangstarr crew to set their stuff up. They played a pretty good set. One of the dudes was like "When I say show me love, you salute me with the finger." I was like "uhh ok". So just about the stadium had their fingers up. It was pretty amazing to see all these fingers. I bet all those high bastards there were like, "Uhh what the hell is going on?!" Also one of the dudes was talking about how Christopher Columbus was a murderer and Thanksgiving wasn't Thanksgiving, it's called Thankstaking. After I heard that I was just running around yelling FUCK TURKEY. Why? It must of been that skanky weed that got to my head. Who knows. Anyways, after a good half hour Gangstarr was done. Now it was time. Muahahahhaa. They raised the good ole The Battle Of Chicago banner and everyone just stuck their hands up in the air like they were saluting it. It was a good feeling. After about a good half-hour wait. Zack and the rest came out. I was so pumped. They kicked off with Testify and immediately the whole floor just PUSHED up and a big mother of a mosh pit just busted out. I lost the people that I showed up with except for my friend that I went to the show with. Man, to see the intensity of the crowd like that was spectacular. The setlist was pretty much excellent. I'm not quite sure of the order though but this is what they played:

Guerilla Radio 
Calm Like A Bomb
People Of The Sun
Bullet In The Head
Ghost Of Tom Joad
Born Of A Broken Man
Know Your Enemy
Sleep Now In The Fire
No Shelter
Bulls On Parade
Killing In The Name

During the "Are you standing in line, believing the lies" part in Bullet In The Head, Zack started to yell at this stupid ass who was feeling up on a girl in the mosh pit. He said something like "There's alot of raping going on at campuses and in the streets, so how are you going to come to a Rage show and do that shit. In front of me! I see that shit again i'll have your ass fuckin tossed out and we'll quit playing" After I heard that, I started to say to myself, "I swear if one more idiot touches another girl and Rage stops playing, i'm going to be a very pissed off man." I don't understand why idiots like that can just be banned from concerts, they ruin them damnit! After Rage came back for the encore, they busted out with Bulls On Parade which pretty much got the whole place on their feet and jumping. When Tom was doing his solo scratchy, Zack just busted out saying "Check out my DJ ya'll!! Check out my DJ ya'll!!". FUCKING COOL!! I was laughing and just clapping because that was just sweet. After Bulls On Parade came Freedom, which of course is the song I was waiting for. I moshed and jumped and jumped around some more until I got tired (I didn't). Tom had an amazing solo during that song which just blew me away (Anything that boy does blows me away). At the end, instead of yelling "FREEDOOOOOM!" Zack screamed "FREEEEEDOOOOOOOM FOR MUMIA!!" which was very COOL. Then, Killing In The Name. Ever want to see a riot. You shoulda just seen the place. People jumping from the sides into the crowd just to mosh. GOD DAMN, it was a site to see. It pretty much was a kick ass night. My first Rage show too. Even though i've been a big fan for the longest time, i'm surprised at myself this is my only Rage concert i've been to. And damnit, it will be a rememorable one too!

Steve Schaab

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