Rage Against the Machine Reviews

Chicago, All State Arena, 11/26/99

I am a long time Rage fan who last Friday November 27, 1999, wittnessed the best concert i have ever seen. Emotions were high that night, as Gang Star opened for Rage. Zach's mom introduced Rage and the concert began. Rage played for nearly 2 hours with one 10 minute intermission. The floor of the All State arena was packed with hundreds of Rage Maniacs moshing, and screaming along with the band. The energy in the pit was amazing. Suddenly, Zach stoped the show, and made an announcment...It seems that a woman who was bodysurfing during "Bulls on Parade" was stripped of her clothes..Zach  made a speech to tell the fans that he doesn't let that shit fly....especially at one of his shows....the political man he is was outraged that this would happen at one of his shows...he made a point that he doesn't put up with that kind of shit....it was great for him to go out and make a point like that while he was performing at one of his shows....The concert went on, and the show kicked ass!

Frank Jenkover

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