Rage Against the Machine Reviews

Chicago, Ill. 11/26/99

Wow, what a show.  The first two groups really didn't interest me to tell you the truth.  I'm not a huge rap fan, but they seemed to be good at what they did, Gang Starr was better than DP, but I thought DP was on too short, and Gang Starr was on about 20 min too long, but it was ok. Waited a while for Rage to come out, in the meantime this girl one row in front of us with very ample bosoms who was quite drunk started teasing the crowd, and then lifted her shirt a couple times.  This didn't bother me, because hey if she wants to that's her problem, but what did is that there must have been 3,000 males in the surrounding sections chanting "show your tits" and some even handing her money to do it...that's pretty disgusting if you ask me.  Then Rage came on, with Testify.  The only thing I can equate watching the floor below (was in upper bowl dammit) to is one of those school videos with all the little bacteria moving around.  It was MANIC.  They played all the songs I wanted to hear, except for Maria, I would have really liked to hear that.  I don't have a setlist, but from what I remember, not in order: Testify/People of the Sun/Freedom/Bombtrack/Sleep Now in the Fire/Born of a Broken Man/War Within a Breath/Calm Like a Bomb/Bulls on Parade/No Shelter/Killing in the Name of/Guerilla Radio/Bullet in your Head/Know Your Enemy/one I didn't recognize, possibly from Evil Empire, which I don't have yet/possibly one other song.  Maybe someone else can give you proper order, but that's what I remember.  The show was so intense, this was my first real BIG show, and it was incredible to see 30,000 people dancing and screaming along at the same time (including myself).  I must say I like the new stuff the best, but you can't deny the power of earlier stuff like Bombtrack, Killing in the Name of (the grand finale of an encore, the crowd was NUTS), and Bulls on Parade, which like many others, is the song that got me into RATM.  This was the best show I've ever seen of this size, it was the ONLY show I've seen of this size but I can't imagine anything else being better.  The only thing marring the event were the macho men, the not one, not two, but three beers thrown on me and others, the one cigarette thrown on me (more on others), and the fact that it didn't last longer!  I will be back next time.

By Chris

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