Rage Against the Machine Reviews

the Battle of Los Angeles

By Jess Redmon

Rage Against The Machine continue to demand respect with their powerful and varied 3rd album "The Battle of Los Angeles." The latest effort from Rage isn't any extreme progression or change for the band, but is another brilliant collection featuring more visionary sounds from Tom Morello and a crop of new classics. "Broken Man" is one of the strongest Rage tracks to date with a beautiful and touching intro from Morello, segueing into defining power riffs and the inspired vocal presence of Zach De La Rocha. The unmatched power and spirit of "The Battle of Los Angeles" can be felt in "Guerilla Radio" with inspired guitar attacks, uncompromising vocal power and a musical anarchy that defines the defiance of Rage Against The Machine. "Maria" raps and rocks through an army of mind-altering sounds and battle grooves. "Hungry People" is another Morello lead classic with powerful changes and structures. Rage is still Rage and "The Battle of Los Angeles" is another excellent album from one of rock's most important bands. It is unlikely that the album will makes new fans of those who didn't like them before, but for the enlightened prepare yourself for another musical war worth fighting for.

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