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Below is the inside scoop on the history behind Natalie's hit single "Torn". If you know even more Natalie Imbruglia trivia (or think you do!) check out the new Music Trivia Quiz and the rock 'n roll version of Risky Business available now to all Music Fan Clubs V.I.P. Members.

"Torn" was originally written and performed by a band called Ednaswap. Ednaswap has re-recorded "Torn" 5 times (the 5th has yet to be released) to gain perfection. But in this case, the first is always the best.

Here's what Anne Previn, lead singer/writer of Ednaswap had to say about Natalie covering "Torn", "The reason we're not freaking out about this (and why no one else should be) is that we have many more where that came from and we know we'll still be around long after little Natalie from England's 15 minutes are up."

What is the problem with Natalie covering "Torn"? Well, just as the band prepared to release "Torn", Natalie Imbruglia released a "perky" cover version of "Torn". Natalie's success could make Ednaswap look as if they are riding on her coattails if they release the song. But Natalie decided she will not release it as a single in the US, which may leave the door open for Ednaswap. Ednaswap will also receive royalties from all of Natalie's profits, since they wrote the song.

That fact that Natalie's version has done so well and Ednaswap's has not, points to one of two things. Either Natalie's has created a better version, or Ednaswap's label has failed at successfully promoting theirs. You decide.

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