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Rob is on Santana's CD Supernatural. They perform the song "Smooth" together. That song has earned them both Grammys.

Rob Thomas is not gay because he is married and has a child.

Rob became a father although not there when his son, Maison Avery William Thomas, was born on July 10th 1998 and the mother is Kerry.

Rob Thomas is one of People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People in 1998.

The band came up with the name matchbox 20 when Paul was a waiter in a diner and saw a guy with a #20 softball shirt. It was covered with patches and the only word they could read was matchbox. Hence, the name matchbox20. He said he originally wanted to make it a clothes line. Rob hated it, but they all ended up sticking with it.

The band found the name for the CD when Rob and Paul were sitting in a cafe in LA, sort of drunk when a girl was playing a song for "Yourself or Someone Like You." The guys thought this was so cool, they called up Lava-Atlantic and told them they wanted to change the name, which was originally Woodshed Diaries, even after everything had been sent out.

When the band first started sending out demo tapes, they were sent in matchbox-looking tape covers.

Yourself or Someone Like You was originally planned to be called Woodshed Diaries.

The guys thanked Kevin Spacey on the Yourself or Someone Like You sheet inside. I wonder why?

There are tons of stories about the guy on the cover of Yourself or Someone Like You (most of which made up by the band themselves), but it was supposed to be from "Real Word," a cross between a superhero and a regular guy. The guy was from an agency, but the band has actually never met him....yet.

matchbox twenty : The Real World
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