My View

Jimi Hendrix J imi Hendrix is without a doubt one of the greatest musicians/guitar players to ever live. His ability to express emotion through music is the reason this is true. All great musicians have the ability to do this, but with Jimi this ability is magnified by his understanding of the emotion he is expressing.

The simplest example of this is his version of the Star Spangled Banner. If you listen to the song and associate the words with what Jimi is playing, you will notice that when the words are "rockets bursting in air", Jimi makes the sound of rockets bursting in air, and when the words are "in the land of the free", Jimi lets the note ring out for what seems like days, since that statement for a black man in America was not very true in his day.

All this may be just an over glorification of a man I see as a God, but you can get whatever you want out of it, and possibly look at Jimi in a different light. This is My View.

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