If you would like to listen to some of Jimi's music in Real Audio you will need to have the real audio player installed on your computer, then you can go to, and listen to some of your favorite Hendrix music.

   Click Here to download Real Audio player.

If you do not have Real Audio installed and you do not want to take the time to download and install it, you can listen to the midi files below. Do not expect them to sound anything like Hendrix, because they are just computer-generated files. They are not Jimi Hendrix recordings.
Midi 1983 18.6k Midi All Along The Watchtower 22.7k
Midi Crosstown Traffic 31.5k Midi Fire 12.1k
Midi Hey Joe 38k Midi Little Wing 14.7k
Midi Manic Depression 21.7k Midi Purple Haze 8.26k
Midi Spanish Castle Magic 33.6k Midi Wind Cries Mary 19k
Midi Third Stone From The Sun 19.4k Midi Voodoo Chile 12.2k
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