What's New Archive - December '00

12/25/00 - To all of our visitors and the Goo Goo Dolls: Have a very Safe and Merry Christmas!! Enjoy it while it lasts! :)

12/14/00 - I've added Denise to the Yahoo Chat Directory and I've also added a new entry to the Trading Board. Check these new items out!

12/13/00 - As you may know from the Daily Goo at GooGooDolls.com, the Goos are remixing some of their old music, and re-recording some of it, to release an overseas album. RollingStone published this article about the Goo overseas album and gives an overview of what it exactly is. Check it out!

12/8/00 - I have added Kayleigh to the AIM Chat Directory. Update your Goo chat lists!

12/5/00 - John Rzeznik, the guitarist and vocalist for the Goo Goo Dolls has turned 35 years old today! Happy Birthday, John! We all wish you many more Happy B-day's to come. John has written hit singles "Iris", "Name", "Slide", "Black Balloon", "Broadway", and many others.

12/4/00 - I've added Michele to the AIM Chat Directory! Add her to your lists.

12/3/00 - I have added Lori to ALL of the Chat Directories and to the Fans Section. Add her to your lists! *Sob*, I want more news!

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