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10/31/01 - Don't forget about the reruns that will be on tonight:

10/31/01 10:00 pm ET CBS Concert for NY Highlights
10/31/01 10:00 pm ET TNN MAD TV, Broadway

Set your VCRs and enjoy!

10/30/01 - Coming up on VH1, they're going to do a series of shows on the 80's. John Rzeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls will be in two episodes of the 5-episode series. We will let you know the dates of these shows as they get closer. Take a look at the show lineups by visiting VH-1's website area for these shows.

10/29/01 - I'll start off today's update by taking a look back at the past, into Goo history. I was browsing around the site today, and I stumbled upon an America Online Cybertalk Chat Transcript, dated July 10th, 1995. It's a very interesting chat article that was new to me and had tidbits of good info into the background of the Goos. The daily blip is coming up soon, as soon as it's available!

10/28/01 - This morning I've added Jeff to the AIM Chat Directory and I also added Brian and Jenny to the Fans Section! Check out these new updates!

10/27/01 - Today I added Pon and Carol Anne to the AIM Chat Directory and I also added Pon again to the Yahoo Chat Directory! Check out these updates!

Blip. . . Taken fresh from the Daily Goo, here's some upcoming GOO television rebroadcasts:

10/31/01 10:00 pm ET CBS Concert for NY Highlights
10/31/01 10:00 pm ET TNN MAD TV, Broadway
11/01/01 08:00 pm ET ABC United We Stand Highlights

The Broadway rebroadcast is sure to spawn some good memories! Visit The Daily Goo! Oh yeah, and don't forget to set your clocks BACK an hour! Fall back, Spring forward.

10/26/01 - Today I added Antonia to the AIM Chat Directory! Update your GOO chat lists!

Blip. . . Today on the Daily Goo, there's a couple of pics of backstage/all access passes that were used for their recent shows! Visit The Daily Goo!

10/25/01 - Excuse my tardiness, I installed Windows XP and I can say that it is pretty different than Windows 98, let me tell you!

Blip. . . Today on the Daily Goo, there's a couple listings for the Goos appearing on TV (reruns) coming up next week, along with a hint of some concerts to come. Visit The Daily Goo!

10/23/01 - Blip. . . Today on the Daily Goo, a couple of backstage-perspective photos from the Goos' appearance at RFK Stadium in Washington a couple days ago! Short update today. Visit The Daily Goo!

10/22/01 - Blip. . . On the Daily Goo along with what we've been watching on TV, the Goos performed at Madison Square Garden on October 20th. They played two tunes, Iris and (a cover of the song?) American Girl(?). I've never heard the second one before. The Goos also taped their 3-tune mini-concert at RFK stadium and it will air on ABC Television sometime in November. ...Lots of news and contest info at The Daily Goo!

10/18/01 - Just a reminder for all of you, as I will be out of contact this weekend, that the Goo Goo Dolls will be performing in the Concert For New York City on Saturday, October 20th at 7PM Eastern on VH1. Set your VCRs, it'll be an event to remember.

10/17/01 - Blip. . . Today on the Daily Goo, the Goos are taking off for their weekend in New York and DC! It turns out they will be on the October 23rd VH1 Vogue Fashion Awards show after all; that comes on at 9PM EST on Tues Oct 23. Also, news tidbits about John having a GAP ad that will debut this winter, the Goos performing for a top-secret invitation-only Kickoff show, and more! Visit The Daily Goo!

I will be out of contact this weekend and tomorrow will be my last post until Sunday. It will basically be reminders about the upcoming shows, and for all of you, including me, to set your VCRs. Sunday's update will be a big wrap-up mega-blip of the Daily Goo, plus anything more that happens to come in newswise.

10/16/01 - Blip. . . Today on the Daily Goo, they've raised over $7,000 for their World Trade Center Relief Fund by selling full-color autographed posters. There still might be some left, there were only about 25 of the original 200 left when the Daily Goo was written for today. Rehearsals continue for their upcoming shows! Visit The Daily Goo!

The longest message thread in GGD Forum history is still going strong! Entitled "Lyric Game!!," this thread has over 300 replies and over 1,600 views. Check it out at our message board!


According to a webpage on VH1, their telecast of the concert on October 20th will air at 7PM ET. Mark this date and time on your calendars!

Today I added Robin to the AIM Chat Directory and also the Yahoo Chat Directory! Check out these updates!

Blip. . . Today on the Daily Goo, it confirmed what was in OUR October 2nd update that there was NOT going to be a show in Buffalo. CORRECTION: Robby just emailed me to tell me that their full-color autographed posters will go on sale around 3PM Pacific/6PM Eastern(which is in about 10 minutes from this update!) in the "Collectables" area of their store. There are only 200 posters to be sold. All this news from the infinite source of The Daily Goo!

For those of you addicted to Ebay, here's a nice treat: an Auction for the Goos' First Release CD. If you don't have it yet, consider adding it to your collection!

10/14/01 - late nite Blip. . . Yesterday on the Daily Goo, another gallery search contest begins. Today on the Daily, more contest info, also reiterating their upcoming concert dates: October 18th they'll be appearing for the VH1 Fashion Awards Kickoff party(not televised to my knowledge), their October 20th date, and also their new appearance date on October 21st at the "United We Stand" concert at RFK Stadium in Washington, D.C. Also, there's an MP3 for a live version of String of Lies. Also, please note: they will be selling autographed posters on their site tomorrow, to benefit the Red Cross Disaster Relief fund. Visit the Daily Goo at GooGooDolls.com.

10/13/01 - Blip. . . Yesterday on the Daily Goo, the Goos explained it was their last day in the studio for a couple weeks. They're going to take off to do their shows on October 20th and October 21st at RFK stadium in Washington! They're rehearsing for those couple of shows already, but it's unknown which song(s) they're going to do. They're also supposedly going to perform for VH1's Fashion Awards next week(October 23rd), but they're not yet on VH1's list of performers for that show. More news about the posters they're going to sell at The Daily Goo!

10/11/01 - late nite Blip. . . Today on the Daily Goo, the Goos have been interviewed by ET, about who knows what - possibly their October 20th concert and/or their upcoming CD! For a picture of them being interviewed, and more info, visit the Daily Goo at GooGooDolls.com.

10/10/01 - Happy Birthday to Mike Malinin! He turned 34 today! Pretty amazing since he ran a 100-mile marathon about a week ago. He's been the drummer for the Goo Goo Dolls for quite a while now, since replacing George Tutuska many years back. Once again, Happy Birthday going out to Mike Malinin!

10/9/01 - another late nite Blip. . . Today on the Daily Goo, probably one of the best photos taken in the studio, of Robby in the control room. Plus, a pic of the prizes for one of their upcoming monthly contests. Check out the Daily Goo.

10/8/01 - late nite Blip. . . Today on the Daily Goo, mention of the Goos' schedule regarding their time in the studio and their plans for an early November mix date, also an early 2002 release of Gutterflowers. Apparently the October 20th telecast will air on VH1 starting at 8pm EST and will last for FOUR hours. For more info, visit the Daily Goo.

10/7/01 - Blip. . . Today on the Daily Goo, the winner of the huge poster is revealed. Also, a cool pic of Robby holding out the poster and displaying its size. One huge poster.

Ideas are beginning to formulate on the next contest we're going to have here on the World of Goo for the autographed 8x10's! Stay close!

10/5/01 - On today's Daily Goo, a new poster for bassstreet.com with Robby on it is Picture #1; apparently they're giving that poster away to a contest winner in the future. Also, updated TV listings for famous GOO reruns, etc, also a note that the October 20th show will air on VH1 at 8pm EST. Mark the time on your calendars, don't forget! Visit the Daily.

10/4/01 - Today I added Sky to the ICQ and Yahoo chat directories! If you would like to be added, visit our request page and watch the front page for your entry to be published!

Blip. . . Today on the Daily Goo, a brief mention of another superstar joining the cast of the October 20th WTC benefit concert, also a winner in the Daily Goo Quickie contest from yesterday. How many miles/kilometers are there in a standard marathon? Visit the Daily Goo and find out!

10/3/01 - This just in - more news about the benefit concert that's taking place October 20th at Madison Square Garden. If you are unable to snatch tickets for the event, which will likely sell out very fast(tix go on sale October 7th through TicketMaster), you'll be able to watch the broadcast on VH1 and MTV. More information is available at this link.

In yesterday's Daily Goo, it is noted that they will start working on the "final few songs" this week, so things in the studio are back to their normal pace. To benefit the Red Cross WTC Disaster Relief fund, the Goos will be selling autographed posters (through their website hopefully). In today's Daily Goo, more pics and news about Mike Malinin's 100-mile marathon that took 29.41 hours, also first mention of the Oct 20th concert in the Daily. For more information on these items, visit the Daily Goo at GooGooDolls.com.

I still have THREE autographed 8x10's of the Goo Goo Dolls ready to be given away in contests we will hold here at the World of Goo. Stay tuned!

10/2/01 - The Goo Goo Dolls will also perform on October 20th at Madison Square Garden in New York with a lot of other bands playing there as well, to benefit relief organizations in New York including the Fire Department and rescue workers. Tickets will go on sale October 7th at noon via Ticketmaster. For more info, go here.

This just in, and it's truly sad to report this, but it appears as if the Buffalo show has been cancelled. No reason has been given as of yet; it may be a scheduling conflict.

For the October 1st Daily Goo, there's a picture of Robby's birthday bowling party, along with news about Mike Malinin running a LONG marathon(4 of them), and also a new contest winner. Check it out!

10/1/01 - I have some very exclusive news to share today! As you may already know, the Goos have been working on their new album entitled Gutterflowers and have 3 confirmed tracks on it already. Right now, the Goos are deciding whether also to include a "heave version" of Name. There are two concerts that are scheduled to be held: one in Las Vegas on October 6th and one is secretly being held in Buffalo, New York on October 24th. At this time I have no information on where to find tickets or the specific venues in which they will be held.

More news about the concerts! The one in Las Vegas is a fund raiser concert for the American Red Cross and admission to the one in Buffalo is to be won on the radio on Edge 103.3FM and Kiss 98.5FM. The one in Buffalo is probably only going to be for those people who went to New York to help out in the crisis they're having there - only 100 pairs of tickets are being given out.

Clarification about the concerts: The concert in Buffalo is a show that will be held for the people who went to help out in New York - those people were already given tickets. Those two radio stations were given 50 pairs of tickets each to be given away in contests.

It appears that the message board has gone down again. No fear, just Visit the Backup Board!

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