Goo Goo Dolls, Cyber-Talk, 7/10/95

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OnlineHost : Warner Bros. Records' GOO GOO DOLLS will be the featured guests tonight. GOO GOO DOLLS will be available to chat with fans regarding their current album, A BOY NAMED GOO.

Max Warner : The Goo's will be with us in just a minute.

Max Warner : The Goo Goo Dolls are signing on, and will be here in a few seconds. Thanks

Max Warner : the Goo Goo Dolls are SAKOPOO

Misfitkev: I am a HUGE Fan of yours from Buffalo and have been listening to you guys for years, but I'm sure you hear that from everyone. I was wondering when you guys will be releasing some new stuff with Lance??

SAKOPOO : hello everybody . this is goo goo dolls we're in Iowa City (where this page is located! -- alr) talk to us

SAKOPOO : eventually , just looking for the right opportunity

BioBri1: Where did you get the name Goo Goo Dolls?

SAKOPOO : its from 9 years ago and we were drunk if we had 5 more minutes it might have been something else

MickeyMot: How did you come up with the name Boy Named goo ?

SAKOPOO : That's from Johnny Cash's boy named sue

Nothing25 : Where are you guys from?

SAKOPOO : easy one buffalo

Misfitkev: Hey Johnny: I've recently started playing the guitar. Got any tips on how to solo like you!!!!

SAKOPOO : yeah don't practice and listen to nothing but old kiss records

Phopewell: Who is "Name" about?

SAKOPOO : anybody you want it to be about

LIBRA136: Who are your musical influences?

SAKOPOO : kiss, dramarama, replacements, buzzcocks, stones, beatles, who, husker du, ramones…

LIBRA136: How long have you been together?

SAKOPOO : romantically? or musically

SAKOPOO : has any one seen cabin boy the movie?

Anais Blu: I love HOLD ME UP... I have for a long time.. what were you all going through when you wrote it?? It is an album that has made me feel better when I am down and when I am not too happy, I put it on and feel much better.. thanks for the great CD...

SAKOPOO : it was a pretty crucial time for all of us we were changing as people and

hairflip: What was the inspiration for "Flat top"?

SAKOPOO : insomnia

Anais Blu: Also... not to be rude but when did you guys get so big?? I thought I was one of the few listening to you all and now there are millions.. cool deal but weird..

SAKOPOO : anybody wanna talk to mike he's our new drummer he's sexy just ask him

RKL13: do you guys eat a lot of TACO BELL?

SAKOPOO : unfortunately were not that rich

StevenmT: What influence did the replacements have on your style of music and are you sick of hearing this question?

SAKOPOO : I like the mats they're a great band and we know them and yeah I'm sick of the question


SAKOPOO : its been great !!!!! we are never stopping, our crew rules, and the shows have been great we're more like a family than ever before

DaveD5285: were you originally known as the Sex Maggots?


SAKOPOO : next question

Milkman92: you guys do a fantastic cover of "Jenny..." did you ever think about putting it on an album?

SAKOPOO : not yet however since our drummers nickname is Jennifer its a possibility

SCasino : If you're really from Buffalo, why don't you write with that annoying accent?

SAKOPOO : I don't understand sorry I don't speak Spanish

MStarr986: who are you currently on the road with?

SAKOPOO : the smokin' popes and you am I

JMontenar: what's the groups favorite cut ?

SAKOPOO : brush cut

SAKOPOO : no really song/

Fotobuf: Do you think O. J. is guilty or innocent?


RKL13: Have you ever had to use one of those EURO toilets that are just a hole in the ground?

SAKOPOO : yes we called it the Turkish squat

KeithAJ: Any chance of any more Westerberg collaborations on future albums?

SAKOPOO : no I don't Know right now

SAKOPOO : maybe maybe not

KTimo8301: how much early punk got through in buffalo when you were starting out?

SAKOPOO : well we used to go to home of the hits and pick up stuff whenever we could it only showed up their in limited quantity

BeanFeast: What covers are ya playing this time around?

SAKOPOO : slave girl by lime spiders, 1/2 a kiss song, INXS don't change

Misfitkev : Johnny: Do you think you'll ever secretly stop by the Continental again??

SAKOPOO : Ain't no secret but since bud passed on it just doesn't seem the same

Wuzzle5: What hobbies or sports do you play when you aren't playing?

SAKOPOO : mike runs like marathons and that and I lift weights and Robby just rocks 24/7

BeanFeast : Are there any songs you refuse to play anymore?

SAKOPOO : we are the normal ... sorry

Anais Blu: Do you all have any interests in computers?? i.e.: interactive stuff??

SAKOPOO : we have a power book with us on the road and its really helping us and is a lot of fun

Abe Nixon: What's your favorite city to visit on tour, and why??

SAKOPOO : Chicago, Milwaukee, NYC,

Reenis: What brand guitars do you guys use. I like Gibsons.

SAKOPOO : kiss uses Gibson guitars and pearl drums because they want the best

ImTooTazz: What was the best part of your


SAKOPOO : every

SAKOPOO : its all pretty cool ihate doing


KTimo8301: When did you guys record the rolling stones cover "Bitch"

SAKOPOO : 1992 for the no alternative album

Mr Atoz: Why don't you guys wear shoes onstage?

SAKOPOO : if the stage is really gross we wear shoes

Devilman3: How old were you when you realized you wanted to play music full time?

SAKOPOO : it just sorta happened

SAKOPOO : I mean everyone wants to play music full time but there aren't a lot of opportunities

Dan 2121: Who's kid is that on the cover of your great new record?

SAKOPOO : its a kid from California named Vance he's about 12 now

Fig Deal: Do ya remember doing an interview with the cable-access show "Sideshow" in Los Angeles?


Max Warner : We will do three more questions and then let the guys go...

Milkman92: Robby: Do you like carrots? or do you just like to throw them?

SAKOPOO : I like them in NJ

KeithAJ: If you could date any supermodel, which one would you choose?

SAKOPOO : Anna Nicole smith no doubt about it

T move: Robby, do you still DJ at the pink on Fridays when your in town??

SAKOPOO : haven't been there in so long I'm not sure

Max Warner : Last question...

DaveD5285: hi goos! this is Sarah and [email protected][email protected]! how is the weather? Do you play in Denver on Friday? we hope so

SAKOPOO : are you gonna be there?

SAKOPOO : yes we will

Max Warner : Thanks a lot guys, any closing comments?

SAKOPOO : thanks for tuning in and we think you are all cool for hanging out with us

Max Warner : Thanks for coming everybody. Check out sound clips, album art, and tour dates in the Warner area

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