What's New Archive - September '01

9/30/01 - Happy 37th Birthday going out to Robby Takac!! Let's wish him this one and many more to come! Robby's been extremely friendly to all fans of the Goos and has been very gracious in giving his time to contribute to the Daily Goo. I speak for all Goo fans in thanking him.

Today I've added Saz and Shannon to the AIM Chat Directory and I've also added Robert to the Trading Board! Once again, if you would like to be added to any of the directories or the Trading Board, head over to the Request Page.

I've decided to start doing "Daily Blips" - that is, to quickly summarize what's on the Daily Goo and link to it, just so you avid Goo fans don't miss out on anything important.

Today at the Daily Goo, the answers to the current gallery-search contest are revealed and also the winner of the contest who gets an autographed poster of the Goos! Also, news about Warner Bros. moving the release date of their next record, Gutterflowers, into the January/February range. Check it out!

Also, on a side note: As you may have noticed, our message board is down again. The problems at MFC continue, please bear with them as we are also.

9/28/01 - The nation - and also the Daily Goo came to a halt on September 11th. It was a day none of us will forget. Please pray for the families of the victims. We cannot imagine what they are going through right now.

I made 4 updates to the Trading Board and I've also added John M. to the AIM Chat Directory! Add him to your lists!

It is now MUCH easier to get added to one of the directories! Just go to the Request Page and fill out a form!

9/3/01 - We now have the bass tabs for "Two Days In February", thanks going to Chris Rose for tabbing that out. If you're a bass player, check it out and add it to your collection if you like.

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