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9/30/00 - On the behalf of myself and the World of Goo, we'd like to wish Robby a happy 36th birthday!! Robby Takac has been the bassist of the Goos ever since they formed back in 1986, and he's one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet.

Here's a special note: Today at 10pm EST on the Daily Goo, they're giving away a phone call from Robby from his party! You must include your phone number with your Daily Goo Quickie answer. The winner, who should be close by his/her phone, will get a phone call from Robby at 11pm EST! You don't want to miss this contest!

In celebration of Robby's birthday, I've written up my story about how everything went on August 30th exactly one month ago at the Minnesota State Fair. I was given two backstage passes by Robby himself to go meet them backstage after the show. I'm sure most of you have been foaming at the mouth for this story, so here it is!

9/29/00 - Couple pieces of site news today! I have added Katie to the Fans Section and I've added Amanda to the AIM Chat Directory! Check 'em out!

9/25/00 - Today I added Katie to the AIM Chat Directory! I've also added Celia to the Trading Board today. Check it out!!

9/24/00 - I've added the ever-so-popular ErikaGoo to the Trading Board today. Check it out, she has some really cool stuff!

9/22/00 - As of today, Dizzy Up The Girl has been out for 2 years(not 9, John!) and has sold almost 4 million copies to date. Here's wishing the Goo's a happy 2nd anniversary to their current album and best wishes for their album(s) to come.

9/21/00 - VH-1 is having the "My Music Awards" show live on November 30th. Right now, they are having people vote online to determine the final nominees for each category. The Goos have been nominated(to be nominated) in the Song of the Year category with "Slide", and have also been nomitated in the Givin' it Back category for the band that's been the friendliest to their fans. The Goos have been SO nice to their fans, giving so much back to them, going the extra mile. We owe it to them to go to VH-1.com's My Music Awards section and vote!! :) It takes 30 seconds to register on VH-1, please don't let that stop you.

9/20/00 - The Goos will be at Mixfest coming up on the 23rd(this Saturday)! Some extra tickets went on sale (General Admission) and are available via TicketMaster.com. It right now is the only remaining scheduled live appearance of the Goos until... maybe until their next album is released!? Who knows! The suspense is so thick, you could cut it with a knive!

I added someone to the Trading Board that is looking for some bootleg tapes or CD's of live Goo performances. Check it out!

9/17/00 - This just in! Goo Goo Dolls' drummer Mike Malinin is participating in a marathon today in a celebrity benefit for the Pediatric AIDS Foundation for kids with AIDS! It started at 7AM this morning and goes from Zuma Beach to Malibou Beach, CA. Way to go, Mike!

I'm aching for Goo news! Please! Usually, when I get so few emails for so long(I got ONE email today, pitiful), that hints at a near explosion(as in, thousands of emails the next day)... so watch out! I added yet another person to the Ticket Trade board looking for tickets to Mixfest.

I got my new DeArmond M75T in Blue Sparkle today!! All I can say, is this thing ROCKS!! The sound is incredible, and yes, the first song I played on it was of course Broadway(for those of you who don't know, this is a replica of a guitar John used in the Broadway music video). Yeehaw!

9/12/00 - Today I added Debbie to both the AIM and ICQ chat directories. I also added Tasha to the Fans Section. Check it out!

9/11/00 - As many of you know already and as I've mentioned before, the Goo Goo Dolls will make an appearance coming up on September 23rd at Suffolk Downs in Boston, as part of a show called Mixfest. There are already 2 people that I have posted to the Ticket Trade boards that are looking for tickets to it.

So what's with the lack of updates? Here's the meltdown... since the Goos aren't on tour right now and only have one upcoming scheduled appearance(that we know of), there isn't much news pouring in. However, that can be a good thing since this means the Goos are having time to sit down and write new music for their next album. I have received SO many emails asking, "So when will it come out?" Well, no one knows at this point, and probably not even the Goos themselves, so don't get worked up about it. Yet. :) Patience is a virtue...

9/7/00 - Have I been saying Canton? Oops, I'll fix it... I meant CANFIELD, I really did. Sorry if I offended anyone. :)

I added someone to the Ticket Trade looking for Mixfest tickets and Ena to the ICQ Chat Directory. I also added Julianna to the Fans Photo Album. Check it out!

9/6/00 - The Canfield show was apparently very cold for everyone. Here's a review of the Sept. 4th show:

The Goos played about an hour at Canfield. I guess they got all extremes in the weather this time around because John had to get a jacket after the first two numbers and couldn't stand still very long unless he wanted to freeze. Robby still had no shoes on, so I'm sure he was freezing. That still amazes me that he plays shoeless and that comes from someone who goes shoeless as much as possible.

9/5/00 - Here's a review of the Allentown show. It was structured almost identically to the rest of their state fair concerts the past couple weeks...

It was killer hot out, but the Goo Goos kept the pace up. The first 4 songs were: Dizzy, Long Way Down, Lazy Eye and Naked. Some audience problem a few people over and John stopped in the middle of Naked to tell them to settle down. Something about "elephant ears". Robby sang Another second TIme Around and John got a poster informing his fly was open. He zipped up and then told the audience he was glad he had on clean underpants and that it wasn't a big deal since he gets pictures of [tastefully clothed] women sent to his house unrequested. Flat Top, Slide, Broadway, January Friend, Black Balloon, Name, Full Forever and Irise followed with a lot of confetti. The encore was There you Are and Two days in Feb after which John and Robby hurled their guitars to the stage. I had the perfect view of John and Robby all night. Mike was kinda blocked by a guy with a big head, but I did see Mike had GREEN hair! Another highlight was John making a large Frog doll talk before chucking it across the stage. Amazing show, my first, but not my last.

Where have you seen this before? You're not officially a Goo guitarist nut until you're like me and trade in half(well, not quite half) your possesions to get a replica of a guitar John played in a music video. That's right, a new 2000 DeArmond M75T in Blue Sparkle like in the Broadway music video. Yum. I'm ordering it tomorrow.

9/4/00 - Happy Labor Day everybody, and to the Goos! Right about now(9:15pm EST), the Goos are probably just past halfway done playing at the show in Canfield, Ohio. It's hard to believe that summer's over, that the Goo state fair tour shows are over, and all of a sudden reality hits us like a sledgehammer.

If any of you are looking for a Broadway import from Australia, there's a really easy way to get it even though it may take a while - go to ImportMusicShop.com, click on "Music A-H", then click on "Goo Goo Dolls", and then you will see the Broadway import from Australia for $6.99. It will ship on September 10th. The tracks on it include:

Black Balloon
Naked (live)
Black Balloon (live)

9/1/00 - I've been asked repeatedly about my Goo encounter at the Minnesota show, so here's what I've been copying and pasting all day long...

I won't go into the specifics about the encounter to just anyone, because I considered it kind of a personal kind of thing. I hate teasing people about it by not going into specifics, but I guess they'll have to live without the details. I got to meet both Robby and John for the first time face to face. I talked to them for a while, then they had to leave because they had a 21-hour road trip in front of them all the way to Vermont.

To tell you the truth, I didn't know what to expect when I went backstage... it was an experience that I will never forget, and something I hope many of you will get to experience in your lifetimes.

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