What's New Archive - June '01

6/8/01 - EOAC is sure making an impact right off the bat! I have just received word that this week it's ranked at #164 on Billboards' Top 200 albums! Very good for an album in its first week!

For those of you who watched the MTV Music Video awards last night, did any of the background music sound familiar? It should have, because they played at least TWO songs right off of EOAC! Talk about fast and wide acceptance!

6/7/01 - LATE posting tonight, 11:30pm. The WINNER of the AUTOGRAPHED 8x10 of the Goo Goo Dolls in Contest #2, Creating a Message Forum Banner, is Nicola M! Here is her entry:

6/6/01 - Today I added Julie and Kathy H. to the AIM and Yahoo Chat Directories. I also added Julie again to the ICQ Chat Directory. Add these people to your Goo lists!

An announcement regarding the winner of the most recent contest for an autographed 8x10 of the Goos will come TOMORROW!

6/5/01 - At the Billboard.com website, you can download the remixed Acoustic #3 right off of the Goos' new compilation album entitled "Ego, Opinion, Arts & Commerce!" Go get it!

6/4/01 - There is a new interview with Robby Takac on PauseAndPlay.com! It goes into detail about EOAC, the history behind it, their next album, etc. It seems to be well-written and very interesting! Check it out!

6/2/01 - Today I've added Chris M. and Gemma O. to the AIM Chat Directory! Add em to your lists! I've also added an entry to the Trading Board. Check out these updates!

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