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6/29/00 - I'm happy; I got my 2ND ROW tickets to the Minnesota show. :) Just a reminder to any of you out there with GGD web sites: you can join the first and the largest GGD Website Ring on the internet by submitting your site here!

BROADWAY is sliding up the charts! This week it is #5 on the BillBoard Adult Top 40!

I've made several updates to the Show Board, as always! If you're going to an upcoming Goo concert and you're not listed, email me!

Today I added Carrie to both the AIM Chat Directory and the ICQ Chat Directory. If you'd like to be added, just send me an email!

6/28/00 - An interview with John Rzeznik was posted on checkout.com yesterday! It's a very interesting article, with questions ranging from Boy Bands to the Goos' next album. Check it out!

Today I made various updates to the Show Board, a place where fans going to the same upcoming Goo concert can contact each other. If you're going to an upcoming Goo concert, let me know and I'll add you to the Show Board!

Today I also added Tracy to the AIM Chat Directory, and Jen to the ICQ Chat Directory. Add them to your Goo chat lists! Also, check out the Ticket Trade board if you haven't already. There are a couple people looking to sell some tickets that are listed. If you have tickets you want to get rid of, just give them to me! I'm kidding; send me an email and I'll add you to the Ticket Trade board. :)

6/27/00 - New press release!

For immediate release June 27, 2000


Newly Updated and Redesigned Site offers "The Daily Goo," Bringing News and Information to Fans Every Day.

Multi-platinum recording artists the Goo Goo Dolls will re-launch their official band website on Saturday, July 1st. googoodolls.com has been redesigned and expanded to allow fans an interactive experience with added graphics and streaming of video and audio.

Essentially an artist-operated site, googoodolls.com will feature an exclusive photo gallery and exciting contest giveaways. In upcoming weeks fans will hear unreleased audio tracks including live concert recordings. They will have the opportunity to communicate with band members John Rzeznik, Robby Takac and Mike Malinin, who will be available for scheduled chats. Goo Goo Dolls tee shirts, CDs, jewelry, posters, stickers and other merchandise can be purchased through the site's store. MTVi, an internet video channel, will be linked to googoodolls.com and provide lists of fan clubs and other artist information.

A notable feature on the site will be "The Daily Goo," a daily updated news and information source for all band activities, tour dates, television appearances, downloadable clips, suggested links and special announcements. "The Daily Goo" will run contests with giveaways that include autographed Goo Goo Dolls memorabilia, guitars, tour jackets and one of a kind items. The band will provide up-to-the-minute details to the site from the recording studio when they begin work on their seventh album later this year and a page will be supplied on the site for mail to be sent to the group. goo goodolls.com is the only official source for obtaining band information and lyrics for all six Goo Goo Dolls recordings.

"We've been so busy the last few years, we couldn't really give the site the attention it deserved," says Goo Goo Dolls bassist Robby Takac."Now that the Goos official site is reachable at googoodolls.com, it's nice that we finally have the chance to be so closely involved with it."

The Goo Goo Dolls sixth album, DIZZY UP THE GIRL has sold almost four million copies and has been on the Billboard Top 200 Album chart for 92 weeks. The latest single, "Broadway" is tops at several radio formats and a video treatment for the song, written by comedian Bobcat Goldthwait, can be seen on MTV and VH-1. Four singles off the album, "Iris," "Slide,' "Dizzy" and "Black Balloon" have accumulated over a million plays at radio, according to BDS. The Goo Goo Dolls have has been nominated for four GRAMMY awards and the group was honored this past year with songwriting and broadcast performance awards from ASCAP and BMI.

6/22/00 - Update from Alex today: There is a new, cool Ebay auction! Nathan December is auctioning off a custom-made Fender guitar used on the last Goo Goo Dolls tour! The Fender Telecaster is direct from Nathan December and the Fender Custom Shop and is the "Pearlescent Blue" and white #12 you saw on the tour. I will hopefully get a photo of the guitar up on the site later today. Go bid right away - own a piece of history!
(This is authentic, I personally verified it with Nathan.)

Here it is!

6/20/00 - I made countless updates to the Show Board today, a place where Goo fans going to upcoming concerts can contact other fans that are going to the same concert. If you're going to a concert and you're not listed, email Mike Cardosa and he'll add you!

6/19/00 - Whoa, time warp! My ISP was having some severe problems and I became a victim. I've been cut off from my internet connection for NINE days, and I've gone through withdrawal and the whole works. My biggest concern was for Goo fans like you who came to this site every day. I couldn't help my situation, and I couldn't make updates. So, now that I'm back, you can expect plentiful updates for a long while. I have 17 updates, all of which I'm going to splat onto the web site in an as orderly fashion as possible over a short period of time. Please bear with me.

There's been a lot of televised Goo stuff on TV lately, and here's what the schedule looks like:

WEDNESDAY 6/21: SAVE THE MUSIC repeat @ 1:00PM EST (VH1)
THURSDAY 6/22: SAVE THE MUSIC repeat @ 6:00PM EST (VH1)
FRIDAY 6/23: SAVE THE MUSIC repeat @ 4:00PM EST (VH1)
SUNDAY 6/25: SAVE THE MUSIC repeat @ 9:00AM EST (VH1)
MONDAY 6/26: GQ AWARDS repeat @ 3:00PM EST (VH1)
MONDAY 6/26: THE LIST w/Rob repeat @ 7:00PM EST (VH1)

Whew, thanks Erika! ...A while ago when the Goos were in South Africa, they did an interview on a TV station down there. Mica was so nice as to make up a transcript of this interview. Get it here!

Today[Editor's note: a while ago :)] on VH1 they said that John will be singing two solo songs for the voice of an animated kid, John describes the kid as a punk. John is doing this because it reminds him of his childhood. John will also be the voice of the boy. The animated movie comes out in 2002, there is no title yet.

6/9/00 - Johnny's in another magazine, in the June 13th issue of Soap Opera Digest on page 30. Here's what it says:

SHE'S WITH THE BAND: Younger Actress nominee Adrienne Frantz (Amber, B&B) and her boyfriend, Goo Goo Dolls front man John Rzeznik, made the scene together. "Johnny was in town to make an appearance," Frantz explained. "So it worked out perfectly that he was able to come to the Emmy's with me."

I updated the Ticket Trade board today, adding someone who is seeking out winning tickets of a Vancouver radio contest. Check it out!

I continue to make update after update to the Show Board, a place where fans that are going to the same concert can get together.

6/7/00 - Johnny's getting publicity! There's a picture of him as a baby in the new issue of Teen People(BSB on cover), and you can also find him in the June 5 issue of "People" Magazine where there's a photo of him (w/soap star Adrienne Frantz) - it's an article regarding the daytime emmy awards. Don't ask me if I found this out for myself - I didn't. Teen Mag ain't for me. :)

Today I added Stephen and Rhonda to the AIM Chat Directory and I also added Noah to the ICQ Chat Directory. Add them to your Goo lists!

I'm making tons of updates to the Show Board, so check back often if you're going to a Goo show to see if I added anyone else to the list for your concert.

6/6/00 - Today and yesterday I added Rose, Eric, and Katie to the AIM Chat Directory!

Short news blob from VH1: John Rzeznik is going to be a 15 year old punk kid's voice in an upcoming animation video. The details have not been released, but when they are, I'll be sure to post it.

6/5/00 - HUGE update today! I resurrected the Ticket Trade board today, adding an entry for a guy looking to sell some tickets to the Vermont show. If you have any tickets to any Goo concerts you'd like to sell or BUY(make sure they're on sale first before you give me a plea to buy tickets), email me with your info and I'll add you to the board.

There's a contest in New Orleans, on 104.1 FM: they're having a contest where you can win "Breakfast with the GOO GOO DOLLS"! How cool! During the morning show 5-9am when you hear Broadway, the 14th caller will win! There are going to be plenty of winners since they pick a winner every day...I wonder how that will work? Will it be like a breakfast potluck? LOL. The contest started today; the number to call is 260-1041(if you live in the New Orleans area).

A couple of news blobs: the Goo's are going to be on the TODAY show soon to promote Save the Music(no date was given). There's an interview with John in US Weekly(Oprah on the cover; June 12).

Once again, I made about 13 updates to the Show Board, a place where fans going to the same concerts can contact each other.

(begin Casey Casum voice) The Goo's are moving up the charts with Broadway! It's now #5 on the American Top 40 and #6 on the Adult Top 40(it jumped from 2 spots this week from #8)! (end Casey Casum voice)

6/4/00 - I made about 15 updates to the Show Board, a list of fans that are going to certain concerts in the upcoming months. Is there any show that Erikagoo ISN'T going to? She's going to 7 consecutive concerts. Way to go, girl. :)

6/3/00 - The last winner of the five autographed 8x10's is Elizabeth M. from Issaquah, Washington! The contest is now officially over. I'd like to thank all of you for participating in this contest, it's been great.

I've made a HUGE update to the Show Board, an area of the World of Goo that lets people going to the same concert contact each other. If you're going to a Goo concert, please consider being added to the Show Board!

Today I added Jenny, Renee, and Anna to the AIM Chat Directory. Add them to your lists!

6/2/00 - New Press Release!

For immediate release: June 2, 2000


Warner Bros. recording artists the Goo Goo Dolls will make their fifth appearance on Late Nite with Conan O'Brien next week, performing their latest hit "Broadway." The group made their network television debut on the late night program in 1994. The pre-taped show will air on Wednesday evening June 7th on NBC TV. Goo Goo Dolls John Rzeznik (guitar,vocals), Robby Takac (bass, vocals) and Mike Malinin (drums) are currently on a promotional tour in support of their multi-platinum album Dizzy Up the Girl.

Since the release of the their latest hit "Broadway", Dizzy Up the Girl has climbed back into the Billboard Top 100 album chart to 94.The album, released in September of 1998, has sold almost four million copies to date.

In May, the ASCAP Pop Music Awards presented John Rzeznik with the "Song of the Year" award for the group's smash hit "Slide." The song, written by Rzeznik, was the most performed ASCAP song of 1999. BMI presented three pop awards to the Goo Goo Dolls in recognition of measured broadcast performances for "Iris," "Slide" and "Black Balloon."

Visit the Goo Goo Dolls website at www.googoodolls.com

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