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5/31/00 - I've added a new poll in the polls section! Be sure to check it out and cast your vote!

If you are attending a live appearance of the Goos, a cool thing to do is to get your name posted on the Show Board so you can find out who else is going to be going to the same show! It's an interesting tool you can use, so if you want, you can actually meet other Goo fans at the venue at which the appearance is taking place.

Today I added Brenda to the AIM Chat Directory. Add her to your Goo buddy lists!

5/30/00 - Did you all catch the Goos on the World Music Awards last night? They were great. Today I added Gina to the AIM Chat Directory. Add her to your lists!

5/29/00 - The Goos will be on the 2000 World Music Awards on ABC which kicks off at 8pm ET, in less than 2 hours! Don't forget to catch it, and to set your VCRs!

I added Daniel and Jodi to the AIM Chat Directory and Daniel(again) to the ICQ Chat Directory. Add 'em to your GGD lists!

5/28/00 - Our 4th winner of an autographed 8x10 of the Goos is Meaghan O. from Centereach, NY! Congrats, Meaghan! There is one 8x10 remaining: enter the contest here!

Today I added Joy, Jenny and Mark to the AIM Chat Directory. Update your Goo lists!

5/27/00 - I'm postponing the 4th of the 5 8x10 giveaway drawings until Sunday. Get your entries in!.

The World of Goo has been selected by VH-1 as an elite fan club site! Check out the logo on the left side of the page! I'd like to thank all of you, our visitors, for making this site the #1 Goo site on the web. As the World of Goo approaches the 1,000,000 visitor mark, what better way to do it than be saluted by none other than VH-1. :)

5/26/00 - Today I added Stormy, Nikki, Melody, Mark, and Dolphin to the AIM Chat Directory. Add 'em to your buddy lists!

5/25/00 - Today I talked with Robby [Takac] on AIM and I told him about the thank-you's you guys had written for the 8x10 contest. I gave him the file with all the 4,000+ thank-you's in it and he's going to read it! How cool?! He's going to be reading YOU R thank-you's with your names and email addresses, which means he may send you an email! Don't panic; remember, he may send you an email, I'm not saying he will. :)

Melissa had a recent Goo encounter on Monday the 22nd when the Goos played on a radio station for around 45 minutes. Here's her story!

Brenda gave us some pictures of the chili cookoff with the Goos. They're zipped in a .ZIP file format, which means you'll need WinZip to unpack it. Here are the 24 DC101 pics(.zip, 600K).

Don't forget about our AUTOGRAPHED 8x10 giveaway in which you can win a AUTOGRAPHED 8x10 pic of the Goos! There are 2 of them left, and they will be given out the next 2 Saturdays(May 27th and June 3rd). You can enter here and re-enter this contest daily!

5/24/00 - Launch.com has released a news article about John's songwriting for Disney. Here's a short clip:

The Goo Goo Dolls' Johnny Rzeznik will make his solo debut with a pair of songs he is writing for an animation feature scheduled for release in 2002.

You can read the full article here. Today I added Sandy to the AIM Chat Directory! Add her to your lists.

5/23/00 - A nice early update today! At the 17th Annual American Society of Composers and Publishers last night, John won the song of the year award for "Slide!" Here's the full clip from Q101 Chicago:

The Goo Goo Dolls' Johnny Rzeznik and Fastball's Tony Scalzo were among the top winners at the 17th Annual American Society of Composers And Publishers (ASCAP) Pop Music Awards in Beverly Hills, California on Monday Night. The performance rights organization gave Rzeznik song of the year honors for his creation, "Slide." The tune is from the band's smash album, Dizzy Up The Girl, which is still serving up the hits more than a year and a half after its initial release. Scalzo, meanwhile, nabbed two awards for his work on two of Fastball's biggest songs, "Out Of My Head" and "The Way." Other winners included: John Goff and Jay Stanley for Matchbox Twenty's "3 a.m.", Semisonic's Dan Wilson for "Closing Time", Lenny Kravitz for "Fly Away", Lit for "My Own Worst Enemy", Green Day for "Time Of Your Life (Good Riddance)", Everlast for "What It's Like".

Diana transcribed the Goos on Rockline which occurred a while back, in fact about a month ago. This is the full transcript; the other one was only the last 3 quarters of it. Thanks Diana!

I added Theresa to the AIM Chat Directory today. Add her to your lists!

5/22/00 - Even though DC101 didn't turn out so well, Erikagoo was able to get a sweet snapshot of the Goos. Check it out!

Chris sent me a really well done sound clip, a MIDI of All Eyes On Me! Great job, Chris!

I added Sue, Cassie and Sky to the AIM Chat Directory. Add 'em to your lists!

5/21/00 - Yesterday at the DC101 cookoff, the Goos were having shoes and other items thrown onto the stage and hitting them while they were performing. Halfway through Iris, they had had enough. They dropped their instruments and walked off the stage enangered by the events which had taken place. Here's a review of a fan that attended:

Yesterday at the Chili Cookout, I was waiting in like at 10 AM to get in, and get to the front of the stage. Although the Goo's didn't go on until 4, I got there and was crushed, trampled, and much more for the 5 hours until Robby, John, and Mike took the stage. Unfortunately, some a**holes started throwing assorted items on stage, and got the Goo's mad. After cutting like 6 songs out of the setlist, right in the middle of Iris, a shoe was thrown onstage, and Johnny said "goodnight" and the Goo's left the stage. I was so pissed because a handful of people ruined what will probably be my only chance to see the Goo's up close like that. I would personally like to apoligize to the Goo Goo Dolls for the people who threw stuff. The Goo's did the right thing, looking out for themselves. People like that shouldn't even be allowed in to shows. I hope I get another chance to the the Goo's up close, and not have it cut short from a**holes like that.

We can only hope that the Goos realize that those weren't their real fans out there that evening and that the sequence of events that occurred last night won't have any lasting effects on them.

Today I added Helena to the ICQ Chat Directory. Update your UIN lists!

5/20/00 - Our third winner of one of the five autographed Goo pics is Kellie P. From Union Bridge, MD! There are two left now and they will be given away on the next 2 Saturdays. You can enter this contest and re-enter daily! Go for it!

The Goos will be playing in the DC101 Cookoff today! If you're going and you're taking pics, you can send them to me here and I'll post them on the site tomorrow!

I added Annika to our AIM Chat Directory today. Update your lists!

5/19/00 - To clear up the confusion: The Goos will tape their appearance on Conan O'Brien on June 5th, and the show will air on (the early morning hours of)June 8, 2000 at 12:35am ET. To clear up any extra confusion, that's 36 minutes after 11:59PM on June 7th.

There is a special contest being held around the Miami/ Ft. Lauderdale area! A radio station down there called Y-100 100.7FM is holding a contest whereas a private show with the Goos is to be held in a private hotel on Monday, May 22nd. Every morning starting at 6AM, a DJ on Y-100 named John will be at some undisclosed location in South Florida dressed like "A Boy Named Goo"(the details of this attire are also left confidential)! LOL! In an attempt to reveal the location of this DJ, the morning show crew will give hints pinpointing his location. If and when you find this out, you must go to this location and prove to him that you are a true Goo fan by whatever means you so desire. Only 10 pairs of tickets will be given away, and in no particular lot, simply to those who feel they are the most avid fans. (Thanks for the news, Jon A.!)

5/18/00 - MEDIA ALERT!!!


Who/What: Multi-platinum recording artists, the Goo Goo Dolls will perform this weekend at radio station DC-101’s Chili Cook Off.

Where: The Mall, Pennsylvania Avenue

Date: Saturday, May 20th at 4:30PM

Time: 3:30 PM (Festivities begin at 11:30am/ Goos are on stage 3:30/4PM)

The Chili Cook-off will mark the 21st year that DC101 has donated proceeds from this event to the National Kidney Foundation. Over 15,000 tickets have already been sold and the hope is to raise a half million dollars for the Kidney Foundation.

The Goo Goo Doll’s album DIZZY UP THE GIRL is currently at 93* on the Billboard Top 200 Album chart, after 86 weeks on the charts and almost four million copies sold! "Broadway" is the latest single from the album, which has produced four other hits: "Iris," "Slide," "Dizzy," and "Black Balloon." According to Broadcast Data Systems, those four songs together accumulated over a million plays at radio since 1998.

The Goo Goo Dolls have toured extensively the past two years thoughout the United States, Europe, Japan and Australia. In that time, they have received 4 GRAMMY nominations and numerous songwriting awards.

Look for an appearance by the Goo Goo Dolls on the "2000 World Music Awards" airing Monday, May 29th on ABC TV (check local listings.) The group will also make an appearance on Late Night with Conan O’Brien on Monday, June 5 on NBC TV.

5/17/00 - Today I added Amy, Alison, Christi and Steph to the AIM Chat Directory. Update your buddy lists!

5/15/00 - Today I added Cris, Kelly, and Shera to our AIM Chat Directory. Add 'em to your lists!

5/14/00 - Go to Seventeen.com to vote for the Goos as your favorite rock band!

Just a note that all tickets for the Canfield Fair concert on Sept. 4 are by mail order only. So get your mail orders in if you're going to that concert, cuz there's no other way to get tickets!

5/13/00 - We have ourselves another autographed 8x10 winner! Terri T. from Mt. Washington, KY has won the 2nd of the 5 drawings for an autographed 8x10 photo of the Goo Goo Dolls! You can enter here and re-enter daily!

Today I added Patty to the AIM Directory and I added Laura to all three directories. Add them to your lists! :)

5/12/00 - A little reminder - the 2nd of 5 drawings for an AUTOGRAPHED 8X10 OF THE GOO GOO DOLLS will take place at 12 NOON EST TOMORROW! Get your entries in; you can re-enter daily!

Today I added Beth, Hoey, and Stacy to the AIM Chat Directory and Beth to the ICQ Chat Directory. Update your lists! :)

5/9/00 - Another Goo date came in today! The Goos will be playing at the KISS 2000 show on JUNE 3RD at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield, MA!

All I can say is -- WOW. Check out these pics Jennifer took when the Goos were in Detroit playing on 93.1DRQ FM. Really great photos, thanks Jenny!

5/8/00 - Tonic has announced new tour dates, which has revealed some new Goo tour dates that everyone has been unaware of until now. The Goos will be traveling all over the country(including to my home state, MN) to perform at state fairs for a couple of weeks during the summer. The dates are too numerous to type out here, so you can check them out at the newly updated Tour Dates Section!

5/7/00 - The GGD and Tonic will be playing at the New York State Fair in Syracuse, New York on Saturday, SEPTEMBER 2ND! Tickets go on sale June 24th slated at $23 and $25 and will be available at all Ticketmaster outlets, as well as at the NY State Fair box office.

5/6/00 - We have our first 8x10 winner, R. Newman from Bayside, NY! This fan just won an autographed 8x10 pic of the Goo Goo Dolls! You can re-enter this contest daily to increase your chances of winning. Go for it!

Stacy Goo was so nice to type out the entire transcript of an article featuring the Goos in Total Guitar Magazine in this month's issue. It's a very well done article where John talks about how he writes songs and how he uses inspiration in his song writing. He also talks about the elements of a song and how everything has to fit together just right. Well, I've said enough, read the transcript here!

5/5/00 - You can now ENTER ONCE PER DAY for the AUTOGRAPHED 8x10 GIVEAWAY Contest!! If you enter every day, you can heavily increase your chances of winning! After your first entry, filling out all of the fields isn't necessary, all that you need to fill out is your email address. This makes entering daily a snap! Go enter again! The first 8x10 winner will be drawn tomorrow!

5/3/00 - New press release!

For immediate release May 4, 2000

GOO GOO DOLLS PERFORMANCES SLATED FOR THE WORLD MUSIC AWARDS FROM MONTE CARLO AND KIIS-FM’s "WANGO TANGO" FROM DODGER STADIUM. DIZZY UP THE GIRL REENTERS THE TOP 100. Multi platinum recording artists, the Goo Goo Dolls have signed on to perform their hit "Broadway" at "The 2000 World Music Awards" which will pre-tape on May 10th and will air Monday, May 29th on ABC-TV (8-10pm ET.) The awards show tapes from The Sporting Club in Monte Carlo and is presented under the patronage of His Serene Highness Prince Albert of Monaco. Special awards will be given to internationally acclaimed recording artists Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey, and the program will be seen worldwide by over 150 countries. All proceeds from ticket sales to the show’s taping will be donated to the Princess Grace Hospital and the Monaco Aide and Presence Foundation.

The Goo Goo Dolls will perform at radio station KIIS-FM’s annual "Wango Tango" which this year celebrates Los Angeles County’s 150th birthday. The concert, dubbed "Million Dollar Wango Tango 2000" will be held on Saturday, May 13 at LA’s Dodger Stadium. The Goo Goo Dolls join other artists like *NSYNC, Sugar Ray, Sisqo and Enrigue Inglesias at the all-day birthday bash, where a portion of the proceeds from ticket sales will benefit several LA based charities.

Since the release of the their latest hit "Broadway," the Goo Goo Dolls album, Dizzy Up the Girl has climbed 56 spots up the Billboard Top 200 chart, to 99*! Dizzy Up the Girl has sold almost four million copies to date.

5/2/00 - On the left side of this desk lies a manilla envelope. On this envelope, written in Robby Takac's handwriting is my address. On top of this newly opened envelope are FIVE AUTOGRAPHED 8X10's OF THE GOO GOO DOLLS, each singed by John, Robby, and Mike. Robby sent me these and I got them today! Isn't Robby a nice guy? The World of Goo is GIVING ALL OF THESE 8X10's AWAY! Click here to enter the contest.

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